Smoke and Mirrors in St. Paul!

You’re not going to believe this.

I just got off the phone with Speaker Daudt’s office and I’m afraid I have some alarming news for you.

While I was not able to get the Speaker on the phone, I did ask his spokesperson why on earth Stand-Your-Ground isn’t being scheduled for a vote in the House?

Instead of giving a straight answer, the Speaker’s staff went on and on about how Senator Warren Limmer is to blame for killing Stand-Your-Ground in the Senate and that is the reason HF238 isn’t advancing … IN THE HOUSE!

It was crystal clear what the Speaker’s staff had been instructed to say when gun owners called to demand action on Stand-Your-Ground:

“It’s not our fault! It’s all the Senate’s fault! Focus over there and ignore our refusal to pass Stand-Your-Ground!”

Do you know what this means?

The House “pro-gun” majority, with a legislative breakdown of 77 Republicans  and 56 Democrats, is refusing to move Stand-Your-Ground for a full vote!

They are trying to blame Senator Warren Limmer for the bill not moving in the Senate but at the same time they spent the entire session refusing to move Stand-Your-Ground through their own House committees.

Instead, gun owners had to rise up and DEMAND that this bill get sent through the Rules committee to keep it alive in the first place!

Later in the call, the Speaker’s  staff told me that they can’t move Stand-Your-Ground because they need to focus their attention on getting the budget bills passed “so the government doesn’t get shut down.”

I demanded to know why they waited until the very end of a 5 month session to pass Stand-Your-Ground when they could easily have done so at the beginning of the year?

No answer.

In Iowa, in South Dakota and in North Dakota they didn’t wait until the last 5 minutes of the session to pass Stand-Your-Ground legislation.

They did it right out of the gate.

But not here in Minnesota!

Here they’re using the state budget bills to hold Stand-Your-Ground hostage.

So what’s their great plan?

The Speaker’s office says “We’ll keep it alive so we can do it on day 1 next year.”

And Site, this is exactly what they said LAST YEAR!

That’s why I’m asking you to take two minutes right now and make two phone calls.

First, call your state representative and tell them in no uncertain terms if they don’t move Stand-Your-Ground out of the House this year, there will be consequences in the next election season.

If you don’t know who represents you – GO HERE

Secondly, call the Speaker of the Minnesota House, Kurt Daudt, who is killing Stand-Your-Ground, and tell him to pass HF238 NOW!

Tell him NO EXCUSES!

Call him on his cell phone at 763-227-0477.

If he doesn’t answer there, call him at 651-296-5399.

It’s absolutely critical that he hear from gun owners all across the state right away.

You see, gun owners don’t pound the pavement at election time for a pro-gun majority just to be thrown to the side like a red-headed stepchild.

Gun owners don’t volunteer for pro-gun candidates at election time to get stabbed in the back.

Gun owners don’t pour out their resources of time, money and talent for weeks and months to help elect a pro-gun majority just to get stuck in the back with a pair of knives.

Again, we want to get this bill out of the House and sent over to the Senate so that you and I can start mobilizing gun owners to the fight in the SENATE on day 1 next year, not the HOUSE where it should have already passed!

That is our goal.

But clearly the Speaker’s goal is to keep Stand-Your-Ground from moving out of the House when it’s right on the verge of passage!

So again, call your legislator right now and tell them to FIGHT for gun owners, not just go along with what leadership is commanding, but stand up and fight to pass Stand-Your-Ground law

Then call the Speaker and DEMAND passage of HF238 immediately!

We’re down to the wire so let’s push this through!

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Right

P.S. Speaker Daudt is refusing to put Stand-Your-Ground on the House floor for a vote.

Instead, he’s holding HF238 hostage, looking for your votes in the elections next year.


Call Speaker Kurt Daudt right now at 763-227-0477 or 651-296-5399 and tell him to put Stand-Your-Ground on the House floor for a vote NOW!

When you’re done, call your state representative and tell them to STAND and FIGHT for gun owners by passing Stand-Your-Ground law

To find out who your Representative is – GO HERE

This is it, Site.

We’re almost out of time. PUSH!

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