Site, Stand-Your-Ground is on the brink!

The clock is running out fast and the legislature just isn’t getting the message.

As you know, Minnesota Gun Rights relies on grassroots pressure to advance or defeat legislation in the Capitol and to hold legislators accountable at election time.

With your help, anti-gun incumbents like Rod Skoe, Lyle Koenen, Will Morgan and many more have been booted from office by mobilized gun owners over the past few election cycles.

That’s why we’re on the verge of the Minnesota House passing one of the best self-defense laws in the country!

That would be a huge step forward.

But we can’t back off now!

The pressure from anti-gun legislators and organizations at the capitol is at a fever pitch trying to stop Stand-Your-Ground dead in its tracks.

And with House leadership stalling for time to run out the clock on Stand-Your-Ground, we’re launching a massive targeted social media campaign today!

Right now ads like the one above are being sponsored around the clock in targeted districts all across Minnesota.

Our goal is to mobilize gun owners to help push Stand-Your-Ground out of the House and into the Senate so we can focus our efforts there next year.

Trust me, this is the kind of ad that’s going to get the phones ringing in the Minnesota House.

And let me tell you, there is nothing that makes a politician squeal more than phone calls from constituents in their own districts demanding they pass pro-gun bills!

But the cost is adding up fast.

I know you’ve already given so much this year.

But we’re right on the cusp of a major leap forward in our years-long fight to pass Stand-Your-Ground law and we absolutely can’t afford to hold anything back or shut down any of these ads!

That’s why I’m forced to ask you right now to please make an emergency contribution to help us keep these targeted social media campaigns running full tilt.

If you can sponsor 1 of these ads for an average cost of $25, please do so now!

You can ensure that thousands of gun owners are informed by sponsoring three for $75 or even five ads for $120, by clicking here now!

But if you want to make sure that gun owners from Zimmerman to Pipestone and Aitkin to Shakopee are making their voices heard in this fight — then please sponsor ten ads for $250 today!

We have seen what devastating effects similar ads had in the election season last year as educated gun owners rose up and booted out anti-gunners like former senators Rod Skoe, Lyle Koenen and more.

Now these ads are being used to put an avalanche of pressure on the legislature in their home districts so that the politicians get the message loud and clear: PASS STAND-YOUR-GROUND LAW NOW!

So whether you can sponsor 1 ad for $25, 5 ads for $125 or 10 ads for $250 please do whatever you can right away!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Minnesota Gun Right

P.S. House leadership is stalling, hoping to run the clock out on Stand-Your-Ground.

With only 4 days until the session ends, gun owners can’t hold anything back!

Minnesota Gun Rights is running targeted digital media campaigns like the one in the email above in districts all across Minnesota to mobilize gun owners to help push Stand-Your-Ground through the House and into the Senate.

If you can sponsor 1 of these ads for $25, 5 for $125 or 10 for $250, please do so right away!

We need to keep this campaign running full speed until Stand-Your-Ground is passed and we’re almost out of time!

Please act now!

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