Senator Ron Latz’ ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ Bill!

Notoriously anti-gun state Senator Ron Latz is going all-out to pass S.F. 1431, his Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill in St Paul!

He’s furious that MGR members have killed his gun control agenda so successfully since 2013 and he’s trying every legislative trick in the book to pass his Red Flag bill in 2022 — likely attached to the proposed $100,000,000 so-called “public safety” bill that’s being pushed.

Take action NOW!

This legislation will DESTROY due process and allow your firearms to be confiscated without so much as a day in court, simply because someone called you in and complained about you.

So please take action right away!

When you’re done, please consider a contribution to this fight, to help us ramp up the pressure against this bill AND the mega gun control bills that have been introduced in recent days!

The fact is, politicians are working overtime to sell out gun owners in our state capitol and they’re often aided by weak and sold-out organizations like the Minnesota Gun Owners Cuckus who do not hold our “No Compromise!” fighting spirit and give endorsements to anti-gun Democrats!

So if these bad bills are going to die, it’s going to be because the members of Minnesota Gun Rights do what we always do and stop this agenda dead in its tracks.

So whether you can afford $5 or $500, we need the help now, especially as we lead into the primaries which are right around the corner!

If we can kill the gun control agenda again this year, then we have a huge chance to deal major, 2A blows during the primaries and general election and set us up for forward, PRO-GUN momentum going into 2023!

So take action right away, sign your petition, make a contribution and we’ll have more info from St Paul very soon.

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights