Senator Judy Seeberger

The entire gun control fight comes down to this. 

As we speak the conference committees in St Paul are duking out the final versions of their bloated omnibus bills and one of them is the Public Safety Omnibus

It appears that when the dust settles, Red Flag Gun Confiscations and Universal Gun Registration will be coming for a full Senate vote in the near future.


That brings us to Senator Judy Seeberger from Hastings.

Judy won her race by a sliver of 300 votes and only with the help of back-stabbing RINOs like former-representative anti-gun Tony Jurgens who endorsed her. 

The fact is, Judy doesn’t live in a district that supports Red Flag Gun Confiscations OR Statewide Gun Registration and she knows it.

That’s why I need YOU to call and email her office right now telling her to VOTE NO on these gun control bills!

If we can get Seeberger to vote no, we can stop every single piece of gun control in Minnesota.

So please call and email Judy, and tell her to vote no on Red Flag laws, Universal Background Checks and EVERY other gun control proposal before the Minnesota Senate or face severe consequences at election time!

👇  👇  👇  👇  👇  👇

Senator Judy Seeberger
:[email protected]
: 651-297-8060

Please don’t lay this email aside and think “someone else will make the call.” 

We need YOU to help if we’re going to win!

When you’re done with that mission, please make a contribution to our cause today. 

Nobody has done more for the 2A cause in Minnesotan than the members and supporters of MGR. 

In the last 3 months alone, we’ve spent roughly $100,000 on the biggest and BEST programs that money can buy and we’ve stopped them so far!

But with only 2 weeks left in session, the fight is RIGHT NOW!

We know the Senate DFL have vulnerable members who are scared of taking these big votes on gun control.

Senator Hauschild, Seeberger, Kupec, Hoffman and others would be very foolish to vote for these bills and they know it!

We need to continue to remind them of WHY they should fear gun owners at election time… starting with Seeberger! 

Make an emergency donation today and we’ll keep the pressure running HOT into their districts!

As I said, we’re less than 2 weeks out from the end of session. If we can keep this pressure up all the way till the end, we may win this yet!  

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights