Riots and Looting in Brooklyn Center

All eyes are glued on Brooklyn Center right now after a local police officer shot and killed a man during a traffic stop a few days ago.

Since then, Brooklyn Center has been rocked with violence, looting, and arson by Antifa/BLM activists.

Traditionally, when a group of thugs use violence to accomplish their political agenda, they are labeled as political terrorists and arrested.

Not anymore. This is the “new normal.

And as violent thugs tear down our cities, our culture and our history, anti-gun zealots in St Paul, like Senator Ron Latz, are still demanding passage of radical gun control to disarm YOU and ME.

(One local store in Brooklyn Center when rioting looters got done.)

And if you think that the politicians in St Paul are going to stand up to these criminals, to send a message that we don’t create policy here in Minnesota with a political gun to our head, you’d be mistaken.

Insiders tell us that the Minnesota Senate Majority Leader, Paul Gazelka, is already vowing to pilfer the pockets of farmers, small businesses and rural Minnesotans to bail out Tim Walz who is allowing Brooklyn Center to be looted and burned – just like they did last year!

So, weak and failed “leaders” like Tim Walz let our cities go to hell, and our Republican Senate wants to give them MILLIONS of your tax dollars to bail them out…

This, of course, is the same Paul Gazelka who has refused to advance Stand-Your-Ground law for the last FIVE years in a row — even though MGR members have sent hundreds of thousands of emails into the Capitol backing these bills.

The message that the politicians in St Paul are sending is crystal clear:

We will happily tell law abiding gun owners to pound sand when they peacefully call for Stand-Your-Ground law, but when violent thugs start looting and rioting in the street, we’ll pay attention and give them what they want.

How pathetic.

If these violent riots have proven one thing, it’s that Minnesota DESPERATELY needs Stand-Your-Ground law to protect us if we were ever forced to use a firearm in self-defense.

If you agree, click here or on the button below to demand passage of Stand-Your-Ground in Minnesota!

The fact is, over the last two nights, armed Minnesotans have been standing guard outside local businesses, deterring rioting looters from sacking their stores!

They do this because they have no choice. They do this because many good police officers are being ordered to stand down and not intervene!

(Two men standing guard outside a local business in Brooklyn Center, MN.) 

But we all know the truth.

If these citizens were forced to use those firearms to protect themselves and their livelihoods, our current lack of Stand-Your-Ground law means these men could very well land in jail, pending a trial!

It could be your town or business next.

That’s why it’s unacceptable that Senate Republicans REFUSE to pass Stand-Your-Ground law out of the Senate and send it over to the House.

How are we supposed to push House Democrats to pass this life-saving bill when our own Senate REPUBLCIANS refuse to advance it?

That’s why I’m asking you to HAMMER this link and tell your lawmakers to pass Stand-Your-Ground immediately!

In the meantime, if you are not already a member of Minnesota Gun Rights, we need you now, more than ever!

Join Here And FIGHT!

And if you’re already a member but can afford to make a special donation, please do so here.

These are bizarre times that we are living in, to be sure. Thank you, in advance, for standing up for our right to keep and bear arms and for the future of our state!

For Minnesota, 

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights