Renew Your Support in Minnesota Gun Rights Today!

I’m not going to mince words.  This is an EMERGENCY.

With the gun-grabbers’ takeover of the Minnesota House, and newly elected Governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison foaming at the mouth for gun control, our backs are against the wall.

Site, “our” supposed pro-Second Amendment majority in the State Senate is only a ONE VOTE majority.

But several of those Republican Senators, like Scott Jensen and Paul Anderson, are publicly backing the very WORST of the schemes the gun-grabbers have dreamed up!  More will likely fall in line the moment the media begins to turn up the heat.

That’s why I’m begging you to please be as generous as you possibly can as you renew your Minnesota Gun Rights Membership for 2019.

I have to be blunt.  I need all hands on deck.

Ever since the Newtown tragedy in late 2012, BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg has been determined to turn Minnesota into the next anti-gun “utopia” like California, Massachusetts and New York.

But you and I have stood up to every assault so far — even winning some impressive battles along the way, gaining a completely pro-Second Amendment State Legislature in Saint Paul after the smoke cleared from Election Day 2016.

We even made some progress, nearly forcing Stand-Your-Ground to the House floor for a vote.

But now that gun-grabbers have retaken the Minnesota House, they want REVENGE.

And they’re going to go all-out in the next session of the Minnesota State Legislature to RAM their entire radical agenda into law, including:

***   “UNIVERSAL” SO-CALLED “BACKGROUND CHECKS.”  Touting poorly-worded polls stating that 90% of the American people support these schemes, gun-grabbers believe it’s just a matter of time until they get the votes they need to RAM this garbage into law.

But what they never admit is that this is nothing more than code for STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION!  The only way such a scheme could be enforced is for government to keep track of every gun and gun owner in the state!

And as you know, registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION!

  ***   AN OUTRIGHT BAN ON ALL SEMI-AUTOMATIC FIREARMS.  While AR-15s are the gun-grabbers’ favorite bogeyman, don’t believe for a second they’re going to stop there.

HF3022, introduced by Rep Linda Slocum in 2018, would outright ban all semi-automatic rifles, handguns and shotguns — even those commonly used for hunting!

  ***   SO-CALLED “RED FLAG” GUN CONFISCATION ORDERS.  Under this scheme, government agents could bust into your home to seize your guns with ZERO due process just because someone complains about you.

That could be something as simple as ticking off a liberal aunt with a Facebook post — or because some crazed ex-love interest wants to ruin your life.

Once your guns are seized, you’ll be spending weeks in court and tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to try and get them back — if you ever do.

Is this the future you want for Minnesota?

If not, I’m counting on you NOW more than ever.

Please join or renew your 2019 membership in Minnesota Gun Rights at the highest level you can afford today!

With control of the Governorship and a MASSIVE majority in the State House, it’s going to come down to the Senate where our supposed “friends” are already going wobbly.

Several Republican Senators already SPONSORED so-called “Universal Background Checks” (AKA STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION) in 2018 and plan to do it again in 2019, SHATTERING the one-vote pro-gun majority!

Others want to cut a deal with the gun-grabbers in hopes that if they show they’re too scared to fight, the Gun Control Lobby will decide NOT to steamroll them.

I’m sure you see how ridiculous THAT would be.

The truth is, there’s only one thing that can stop this anti-gun onslaught.

That’s you.  That’s you and tens of thousands of other hunters, collectors, target shooters, constitutionalists and self-defense enthusiasts.

The truth is, many newly elected legislators don’t want to lose their seats the moment they set foot in Saint Paul!

And while many certainly support gun control, they have other priorities they likely think are more important.

A tidal wave of WHITE HOT ANGER from Minnesota’s Second Amendment supporters can blow these gun control plans to smithereens before they get off the ground.

But that’s not going to happen unless I have the resources it will take to sound the alarm across our state!

That’s why I’m counting on you to please be as generous as possible as you renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights for 2019.

With your help, I’m preparing to draw a line in the sand against these radical assaults including:

  >>>  Reaching up to 300,000 pro-gun Minnesotans through mail and email to explain to them what’s happening and mobilize them to this fight;

  >>>  Using phone banks and a Facebook campaign to generate another 10,000 supporters in key swing districts — ready to turn up the heat on their State Representatives and Senators in a moment’s notice;

  >>>  Launching a statewide media tour where I’ll work the talk radio lines, generate op-eds and letters to the editor where I’ll explain that more gun control will not save lives — it will cost them;

  >>>  Running hard-hitting Internet, newspaper and radio ads targeting state legislators whose votes on new anti-gun schemes are up in the air.

Site, we’ve won some big fights together in the past — many we weren’t “supposed” to win.

I haven’t minced words with you.  Our backs are against the wall today.  If we don’t FIGHT, we could lose everything.

You’re a critical part of a winning team here at Minnesota Gun Rights.

So as you renew your membership, please give as much as you possibly can —  $500 (Lifetime Membership) if you can.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you on many occasions.  But it’s never been more important than right now.

If that is just too much, please consider $125, $75 or at least $35.

This is the biggest battle we’ve ever faced.  I desperately need all hands on deck.

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Gun-grabbers are set to launch a MASSIVE attack on our gun rights unlike anything Minnesota has EVER seen.

Without your action, I’m worried we are facing the passage of catastrophic gun-control laws.

With so much at stake, please be more generous than ever as you renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights for 2019!

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