RED ALERT: Gun Group Supporting Gun Control

I hate writing emails like this but we’re going to LOSE this battle against the DFL gun control unless we talk about this. 

Tomorrow morning the first hearing on GUN CONTROL is taking place in the House Public Safety and Finance Policy committee and we have a major problem on our hands that needs some explanation

You see, anybody who knows Minnesota Gun Rights members knows that we’re the fiercest defenders of the Second Amendment in Minnesota and every politician in St Paul knows that our mantra is “NO COMPROMISE!”

So when so-called pro-gun groups start telling Democrats that “gun owners are willing to do a deal on gun control” we start to see red. 


If you watched our live video on December 28th then you know that Rob Doar with the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus did an interview with multiple Leftist news agencies, including Star Tribune and WCCO, who reported…

He (Rob Doar) believes there is room for compromise with Democrats on improving Minnesota’s safe storage laws and going after straw purchases of guns.”

(If you didn’t see the video, you can watch it here.)

So-called ‘Safe Storage Laws’ are nothing more than GOVERNMENT-mandated requirements that ALL of your firearms be locked up in a safe, with trigger locks on them, unloaded, with the ammo stored someone else other than the safe… at all times

If this bill (H.F. 396) becomes law and you don’t lock all of your guns away, charges range from gross misdemeanors to FELONIES, depending on the circumstances!

How the hell could any so-called Gun Rights organization agree to support these storage laws?

If the “leadership” of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus did NOT tell the reporters that they supported this gun control, they could have called WCCO at any time and insisted that they edit their news article to correctly reflect their position.

At first we wondered if that was all there was to the story… and then something else happened.


I was talking with some of our best pro-gun allies in the legislature when I was informed that MNGOC’s Rob Doar was literally going from office to office whipping votes for “government-mandated storage laws” in order to “compromise” with the DFL who have control of the legislature


So instead of fighting to stop the entire gun control agenda in St Paul, MNGOC Chairman Bryan Strawser and Rob Doar were already trying to sell out and cave to the DFL Left before the fight even really began! 

But none of this surprises us at MGR. 

For years we’ve been forced to point out their horrible betrayals, endorsements of anti-gun Democrats, donations to the DFL party and so much more.  

You can read all the facts HERE!

Th reality is, Strawser and Doar are not patriots like you and me. 

They’re liberals at heart who have OPPOSED Conservative issues for years in St Paul yet still claim they’re “pro-gun” in spite of it all — and THAT is hurting our cause! 


The truth is, we can stop ALL the gun control in Minnesota. We don’t need to do a deal on anything!

The Senate Democrats only have a ONE SEAT MAJORITY, and several of those DFLers live in areas that are FAMOUS for being filled with PRO-GUN Democrat voters.

That is where the gun rights community should be focusing all our firepower to stop this agenda. That’s where MGR is focusing!

But the reality is, if Strawser and Doar are going to go behind the backs of the pro-gun community and do gun control deals, that will only embolden those weak Democrats and encourage them to pass ALL the gun control. 

We should be working TOGETHER, not having to fight both sides at the same time!

But the MNGOC has shown themselves to be unequal to the task and not courageous enough to stand against these attacks. 

At the end of the day, MGR will be spending a huge amount of resources to mobilize pro-gun voters in districts across the state to HAMMER on the Minnesota legislature to stop ALL the gun control! 

That’s why I’m asking you to sign YOUR petition telling your House and Senate reps to VOTE NO on ALL gun control and ignore any gun control deals from the MNGOC!

Gun owners are sick and tired of being treated like fools by lapdogs like Strawser and Doar who are OPEN liberals who support abortion, open boarders, the anti-gun LGBT movement and more.

They attacked President Trump when in office, they endorsed anti-gun Democrats like Rod Skoe and Lyle Koenen, they supported Tim Walz’ lockdowns, they do gun control deals and refused to hold the GOP accountable for their inaction on pro-gun legislation over the last 6 years. 

And if Strawser and Doar are successful at brokering this deal with the DFL to pass so-called “Safe Storage Laws,” this will open the gun control floodgates in Minnesota

PLEASE, sign your petition in opposition to ALL the gun control, not just the gun control that the MNGOC cherry picks. 

Minnesota Gun Rights will be at the capitol tomorrow, testifying against these gun control bills and making sure the entire legislature knows there will be NO COMPROMISE on our Second Amendment rights!

If you agree with our position, JOIN MGR as a member by CLICKING HERE!

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For Freedom,

Ben Dorr,
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights