Precinct Caucuses: Help Us Fight for the Second Amendment!

The 2018 precinct caucuses are just around the corner and we need your help.

For years, Michael Bloomberg and the radical anti-gunners in St Paul have exploited the endorsing process to line St Paul with weak-kneed button pushers who only do the will of legislative leadership.

And because of that, our gun rights have paid a heavy price.

It’s time for us to fight back!

That’s why I’m asking you to read the email below and when you’re done, click on this link or the image below and sign up to become a part of this process!

After you’ve submitted your form, a grassroots volunteer working with Minnesota Gun Rights will contact you with our plan of action and get you up to speed.

If that simply doesn’t fit your schedule, please consider a generous contribution of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford to help MGR continue to get the word out and mobilize other grassroots gun owners to get involved in this important process.

Thank you for helping us with this critical effort!

Yours ~~ Anna

Dear Site,

Will BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg steal our 2018 Governor’s race before Minnesotans even get a chance to vote next November?

Without your IMMEDIATE action and generosity, I’m worried he just may . . .

That’s why — with everything that’s at stake in 2018 and our Governor’s race possibly hanging in the balance — I’m counting on your generosity to help me turn out as many Second Amendment supporters as possible to Minnesota’s local precinct caucuses this spring.

As you may know, these local precincts select delegates who ultimately go to endorsing conventions where each party’s nominee for Governor is selected.

If BILLIONAIRE gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg are able to seize control of this process by flooding these local precinct caucuses with gun control supporters, we could end up with another gun-grabber like Mark Dayton no matter which party ultimately wins in 2018!

And the bad news is, Site, there are plenty of reasons to think that he will.

As you know, after the gun-grabbers rammed through a slew of gun control laws in Colorado in 2013 — including so-called “Universal Background Checks” (STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION) and a BAN on magazines that hold more than just a handful of rounds — Minnesota was supposed to be the next state on Bloomberg’s priority list.

Thanks to the support of good folks like you, we were able to shock the anti-gun Minnesota media and politicians in BOTH parties by defeating that all-out assault.

Not only that, but Minnesota’s Second Amendment supporters then did the unthinkable by electing pro-Second Amendment majorities in BOTH houses of our State Legislature in 2016!

Needless to say, that incredible success has stuck in Bloomberg’s craw ever since.

But with Governor Mark Dayton still occupying our Governor’s Mansion, he’s had an ally who has consistently stood in the way of serious pro-gun reforms like Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry.

Not only that, but it’s emboldened Bloomberg’s anti-gun allies in BOTH houses of our State Legislature to continue pushing for:

favorite of Senator Latz and BILLIONAIRE gun-grabber Michael

But what they never admit is that this is nothing more than code for
STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION! The only way such a scheme
could be enforced is for the government to keep track of every gun and
gun owner in the state!

wants to run into a madman with a gun. But what gun-grabbers never
admit is laws are already on the books preventing those who are
adjudicated as a danger from owning or buying weapons.

What gun-grabbers really want is to give government bureaucrats the
ability to strip law-abiding Second Amendment supporters of their
liberties just because they don’t like your race, religion or politics!

Sadly, even this will do nothing to solve the problem of madmen going
on shooting rampages. The only way to do that is to finally ELIMINATE
so-called “gun free zones!”

***   THE GAG ACT. This “election reform” scheme is meant to shut Second
Amendment supporters up, effectively making it impossible to
communicate about a candidate’s positions on the issues at election
time without breaking the law.

But since it helps ensure incumbent politicians’ reelections, members of
BOTH parties love it!

In 2018, Bloomberg is more determined than ever to ensure he keeps his hands on our Governor’s race and takes advantage of changing political winds to pick up as many legislative seats in St. Paul as possible.

If he succeeds, you and I will have another all-out fight over gun control on our plates.

That’s why these upcoming local precinct caucuses and conventions are so critical.

So if you’d like to participate in this process, presuming the timing works in your favor, please click on this like or the image below and sign up!

While the caucus process is confusing to some, it’s fairly straightforward.

Local precinct caucuses vote to select delegates who go to BPOU and district conventions. Those conventions select delegates to go the state convention where political parties endorse their nominees for Governor.

In other words, victory goes to those who bother to show up.

In a caucus process like this, organized political forces with even a little amount of money can often make an enormous impact.

That’s why they’re so attractive to Bloomberg.

If he chooses to unload his bank account to recruit and turn out delegates, he might even be able to handpick BOTH political parties’ nominees!

Needless to say, we cannot allow that to happen.

That’s why Minnesota Gun Rights is determined to turn out as many pro-Second Amendment folks as possible to the upcoming local precinct conventions to vote for (ONLY!) pro-gun delegates.

The goal is to stack the upcoming state convention — which will likely be in May — with as many pro-Second Amendment delegates as possible to ensure we have a solidly pro-gun nominee!

In fact, if you’d be open to participating — presuming the times and dates of these local precinct conventions all work out for you — please let me know by clicking this link of the image below!

If all of this still sounds foreign to you, don’t worry. We’ll make sure to get you totally up to speed.

But regardless of whether or not you’d be able to participate, please give generously to help Minnesota Gun Rights’ critical caucus efforts, Site.

Since Minnesota Gun Rights’ formation, you and I have proven we can make a tremendous impact.

But we can’t take the next step to actually enacting pro-gun laws without a pro-gun Governor.

Michael Bloomberg is determined to stop us. In fact, he’s determined to make Minnesota the next gun control utopia like California, Massachusetts and New York.

So you and I have to battle back harder than ever.

That’s why I’m counting on you for your most generous contribution TODAY!

I know you understand just how high the stakes are in the coming year.

Your generous contribution today will help Minnesota Gun Rights build an unstoppable on-the-ground political machine — including phone banks, caucus trainings and delegate trainings.

This kind of statewide, on-the-ground effort won’t be cheap. But it can make a tremendous impact.

So please consider a donation in the amount of $250, $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today!

With local precinct conventions right around the corner, there’s not much time. So please act right away!

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. With everything that’s at stake in 2018 and our Governor’s race possibly hanging in the balance — I’m counting on your generosity to help me turn out as many Second Amendment supporters as possible to Minnesota’s local precinct caucuses this spring.

This effort will be critical to combating Michael Bloomberg’s scheme to ensure we end up with another anti-gun Governor like Mark Dayton regardless of which party wins in November.

If you’d like to be a part of this process, please read the email above in its entirety and then click on this link or the image below and sign up!

Will you please agree to a generous contribution of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 TODAY?

To stay up-to-the-minute on the fight for gun rights in Minnesota, please take a moment to go check it out on our Facebook page by clicking the image below!