Only 4 Days Left!

I’ll get right to the point.

Normally, in the summertime of a non-election year, our fundraising numbers take a big dip as Minnesotans are enjoying vacations, Little League baseball, and the summer weather.

We expect this and can usually trim expenses to meet this situation. But this year, things are very different.

With Biden’s pistol brace ban just having taken effect, Minnesota Gun Rights is engaged in legal action in Federal Circuit Court to ‘brake check’ this tyrant — and the expenses are piling up.

We are doing this. I cut the checks myself. But, financially, this couldn’t be happening at a worse time. 

At the same time, we are pushing HARD to stop the next wave of attacks from Walz and the Democrat majorities in St Paul!

That doesn’t even include the legal action we’re working on against the new Red Flag laws that were passed in the final week of the 2023 legislative session.

Because of these legal fees, our fight to stop more gun control, and the seasonal decline in donor support, MGR’s fundraising numbers are $22,349 short of where we should be.

Worse, the end of the quarter is less than a week away!

The lawsuit against Joe Biden is critical.

Honestly, it’s not about pistol braces. It’s about the limits of Executive Actions. If Biden can ban one accessory and subject us to felonies, why can’t he ban AR-15s and 30-round mags?

He will, if the courts don’t bring him to heel, fast.

And that’s why MGR is joining with other gun rights groups to battle against Biden in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (and will be looking for others in our own 8th district)!

This Circuit previously ruled that the Bump Stock ban was unconstitutional, and our lawyers think the same thing could happen here if we are able to convince the court.  

But we can’t fight in court if we don’t have the money we need to fight with, it’s that simple.

And, if we end this quarter $20,000+ or more under our projections, it will have serious consequences on our operations over the next few months!

So even though I know you’re busy with summertime activities these days, I hope that you’ll take a moment and donate so we can keep battling with Joe Biden in court and keep up the pressure against Walz at the Statehouse!

The end of the quarter is less than a week away.

And how MGR finishes the quarter will decide whether we can maintain our legal attack on Biden/Walz AND continue the fight against Walz’ gun control — or if we are forced to cut programs!

Please make a generous end of quarter donation TODAY!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights