Nuclear Gun Control Introduced in St Paul!

This is an absolute emergency. 

Senator John Marty (DFL-SD40) just introduced a gun control bill in the Minnesota Senate that will completely unmake our Second Amendment forever

Gun owners are calling S.F. 1723 the “Nuclear Gun Control Bill” and the reason is because if this bill get passed, it would require:

1. Registration of ALL Firearms in Minnesota
2. Only 1 Gun Purchase Every 30 Days
3. Registration of ALL Magazines Over 10 rounds
4. Police Chiefs to Issue (or NOT issue) Permits to Carry
5. Mental AND Physical Heath Tests for a Permit to Carry
6. Mandatory Reporting of All Lost or Stolen Firearms
7. Registration of All .50cal Firearms
8. Firearms BANNED in ALL Government Buildings (Felony charges!)
9. Permits to Own ANY Firearms in Minnesota
10. Liability Insurance Required for ALL Firearms Owners

and MORE!!!

These bills truly are designed to repeal our Second Amendment and make criminals of us all

That 10 point list is virtually the entire Leftist gun control agenda wrapped up in one package and it’s only SOME of what the bill does!

And with Democrats in charge of BOTH chambers in St Paul, this is an absolute crisis!


Click on the link and tell your Senators you want them to publicly oppose S.F. 1723 and if it comes for a vote, you want them to vote HELL NO!

If we don’t FIGHT BACK and right now, Tim Walz, Speaker Hortman, Majority Leader Dziedzic and the rest of the Communists in St Paul will feel tremendous encouragement to push this legislation all the way. 

And if even ONE of these gun control provisions were actually to become law, it would be a disaster for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

When you’re done, please make a MAJOR contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights’ fight against these bills. 

In the next few days, we’re going to be rolling out a massive, statewide program via email, direct mail, targeted online media and even radio ads if we can afford them


I hate to ask for money but if we don’t fight this battle, we’ll lose everything… and nobody is fighting them like we are. 

It’s time we remind Minnesota what MGR members are best at: KILLING GUN CONTROL BILLS AND CRUSHING GUN CONTROL DREAMS! 

So sign your petition right away demanding that your senator oppose S.F. 1723 and then make a donation to our fight.

More information to come!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights