NEXT UP: The Nuclear Gun Control Bill

We all know how this goes. 

This year Walz forced the legislature to foist Red Flag laws and Universal Background Checks on the people of Minnesota. 

They use phrases like “This is a good start!” and “We know this won’t stop every gun crime, but it’s a step in the right direction.” 

What they’re actually saying is “We KNOW our control laws won’t stop inner city crime. That’s the point. We’re just looking for another reason to pass more gun control in the future when our laws inevitably don’t work!” 

That’s why we’re hearing rumors of Senator John Marty’s S.F. 1723 being the next gun control bill to be considered when these new laws fail.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE financial support to help us identify and mobilize more gun owners across Minnesota to SHUT THIS DOWN!

As you’ll see, we need every ounce of firepower to help shut down S.F. 1723, the radical gun-control bill that Communist Senator John Marty, and his anti-gun cohorts are feverishly mobilizing support for. 

The list of gun control in this bill is MASSIVE, so strap in.

If passed, S.F. 1723 would:

***  BAN all magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition

***  OUTLAW all 50. cal or bigger firearms and ammunition

***  FORCE registration of ALL firearms in Minnesota

***  BAN all “home built” firearms in Minnesota

***  BAN all firearms without serial numbers for tracking

***  REQUIRE a physical test for firearms ownership

***  REQUIRE mental health tests to own or carry a firearm

***  LIMIT firearms purchases to 1 gun every 30 days

***  REQUIRE liability insurance to carry a firearm

***  REQUIRE training on how to retreat when violently attacked

***  MAKE it a crime to carry a gun past “no guns allowed” signs

***  BAN carrying AR-15 style firearms anywhere in public

***  BAN open carry of ANY firearm, making it a crime

***  FORCE you to lock all your firearms in an “approved” safe

***  CREATE a database of every firearm and firearm owner in MN

***  ELIMINATE permit reciprocity with ALL other states

***  BAN firearm carry in ANY state/local public buildings

And this is just the start! Please help stop S.F. 1723!

This bill goes on and on with requirements that will utterly destroy our Second Amendment freedom without saving a single life.

They’re just waiting. Waiting for another shooting. Waiting for an excuse. Waiting for their chance to come back in and destroy our Second Amendment forever

And they will, if they can get away with it.

We need to fight NOW, not later. 

Help us fight back! Please chip in and help fund our cause. We’re playing the long game right now. Help us law the groundwork of defense needed to win this fight. 

Whether you can give $25 or $250, we could sure use the help

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights