MUST WATCH: The Latest on Gun Control in D.C.!

I know that we’ve been filling your inbox and social media feeds with information at an unprecedented rate over the last week, and I know that it’s Memorial Day weekend.

But we are facing a massive threat to our freedoms in Congress. As you read this, Republicans in the Senate are joining Chuck Schumer’s Democrats to hammer out a massive gun control deal — a deal that will likely be voted on in less than two weeks!

For a quick recap on the situation in Congress, which Republicans could betray us, what bills we could see voted on, and the situation in Texas, watch this video update now.

As you just heard, everything has changed in D.C. in the wake of these shootings and Republicans in the Senate are teetering on the brink of collapse, ready to vote for extreme gun control! 

So before Memorial Day comes and you’re busy with family and friends, take three steps to help us shut this bill down:

First: send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to Senators Klobuchar and Smith reminding them that if they vote for ANY gun control, they can kiss their Senate majority goodbye after the midterms! 

Second: make an immediate donation to help Minnesota Gun Rights fight back! Your donation will help us flood Senators Klobuchar and Smith with calls, emails, and petitions opposing gun control.

Third: share this email with every gun owner you know and then follow up with them and insist that they take action.

This is a red alert. We haven’t seen gun control this close to passing in Congress since 2013’s Manchin-Toomey legislation! And if gun owners don’t hammer back, we’ll see massive gun control pass here in America!

Take action NOW!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Things are changing by the hour in D.C. as Senate Democrats — now being aided by Senate Republicans — are actively negotiating a massive gun control bill for America!

For the very latest on what’s happening in Congress, who is trying to betray you, and how you can help us stop this, watch out video update above.

Then take action! Email Senators Klobuchar and Smith using the link we provided above, make a donation to help us fight, and share this information with every gun owner you know!