MNGOC BETRAYS Gun Owners, Donates to and Endorses Anti-Gun Democrats!

The most vicious fight that we’ve ever faced to save our gun rights is coming on Tuesday and it’s critical that gun owners know who is fighting FOR them and who is stabbing them in the back!

That’s why I have to make sure every gun owner in Minnesota knows the truth about a skeevy so-called “gun rights” group called the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus that is entrenching themselves with the very worst politicians in St Paul working to destroy your freedoms.

They’re doing deals with Tim Walz, Paul Gazelka and endorsing radical anti-gun DEMOCRATS, trying to convince gun owners that they’re pro-gun when they’ve spent years voting to annihilate our freedom.

And now the news is breaking that they’re DONATING their member’s money to the anti-gun DFL PARTY

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When you’re done, please check out the email message below and watch the other videos for all the details of these wolves in sheep’s clothing and then forward this email to your friends so that gun owners have all the FACTS going into the session this week!

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We’ve NEVER made a deal with anti-gunners to attack your gun rights. We’ve NEVER endorsed or donated to ENEMIES of gun rights and we have never and will NEVER compromise on your God given, Constitutionally guaranteed Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

We fight like hell, unapologetically, for gun owners and for the future of our Minnesota.


So please join us.

— Ben

I hate to write this. I wish I didn’t have to but gun owners deserve the TRUTH.

The truth is, there’s a cancer in the gun rights community in Minnesota that is threatening to undo the work of patriots like you and me and doom our gun rights fight from the inside.

I’ve never fed you B.S. before and I’m not going to start now.

Let me explain.

There’s a small and rather less well known “gun rights” group here in Minnesota called the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus.

Their band is run by two guys, Bryan Strawser and Lazy Rob Doar.

For years they’ve been working behind the scenes (as well as blatantly in the open) with bad politicians AGAINST OUR GUN RIGHTS!

It’s hard to believe, but consider this partial list of facts, as the entirety would be much too long:

>>>  Strawser and Doar ENDORSED Lyin’ Scott Jensen, the Republican Senator who co-sponsored Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration.

When gun owners called them out, they refused to rescind their endorsement.

>>>  Strawser and Doar ENDORSED radical anti-gun Democrat Senators Rod Skoe and Lyle Koenen, both of which voted AGAINST pro-gun Constitutional Carry.

When Minnesota Gun Rights exposed these anti-gunners during the 2016 elections, Strawser and Doar viscously attacked MGR in order to protect their Democrat friends.

>>>  The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee that Bryan Strawser controls was caught funneling thousands of gun owners’ dollars into a company that is owned by… Bryan Strawser! More than that, Strawser has sitting state politicians as Directors of his company that’s receiving gun owners’ money!

After being called out by gun owners and Minnesota Gun Rights, Strawser pulled a “Hillary Clinton” and quickly scrubbed any proof from his website.

>>>  Rob Doar, in an interview with Moms Demand Action activist Erin Zamoff on the Almanac, said that the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus WELCOMES hearings on “Red Flag Gun Seizure” and “Universal Gun Registration” legislation in the Senate! Erin Zamoff was clapping her hands in seraphic joy.

>>>  Last legislative session, when you and I were fighting like hell to STOP weak Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka from passing gun control through the Senate, Paul Gazelka and Rob Doar went on Facebook live together and attacked the members of Minnesota Gun Rights for daring to put pressure on lawmakers in St Paul.

The list goes on and on.

But just recently, the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board released a major report on an investigation that they did into Bryan Strawser, Rob Doar and the litany of organizations that they control here in Minnesota.

They found many violations of Minnesota state statutes and tremendous mismanagement of the funds that were entrusted to them by gun owners who didn’t know of their history of betrayals.

To read the full report, go HERE!

In the end, Bryan Strawser, Rob Doar and the organizations they control were fined $7,800 for refusing to report where gun owners’ money has gone for the last several YEARS!

To watch our recent Facebook Live video with all the details of this recent report, click here or on the image below!

If you’d rather watch this video on YouTube, go HERE!

To watch the YouTube video with all the details and proof of Strawser and Doar’s OUTRAGEOUS endorsements, money funneling, etc, click here or on the image below!

If you’d rather watch the video on Facebook Live, click HERE!

If you watched any of the videos above, you now know what thousands and thousands of gun owners across Minnesota are finding out: There are snakes in the gun rights community in Minnesota who don’t have gun owners’ interests in mind and their names are Bryan Strawser, Rob Doar and the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus.

Web, every terrible word we’ve spoken and typed out here is true. Every word.

But if gun owners are duped into believing this scam outfit is on the side of the Second Amendment, anti-gun lawmakers like Scott Jensen, protected by the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, may feel safe enough to vote for gun control and finally give Bloomberg what he’s always desired — the total destruction of our cherished gun rights!

If gun owners believe this front group for politicians is fighting for our gun rights, politicians like Paul Gazelka will finally be able to do a deal with Tim Walz and Melissa Hortman to finally pass the gun control that they want so badly.

We say hell no to that!

Gun owners have fought too long and too hard to have the rug pulled out from under us by fakes!

Gun owners have fought, sacrificed and bled for this cause and as of today, EVERY piece of gun control has been stopped in Minnesota!

We must keep it that way. Even if it means calling out politicians, organizations and their leadership who pretend to be for freedom, when they’re really for their own pocket books.

So please share this unfortunate email with every gun owner you know in Minnesota because gun owners that are armed with the truth and facts are the most powerful force in Minnesota politics and together, we will hold the line for future generations!

For Minnesota, 

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights