MN Legislators Plan Fight for Gun-Control!

Even as the 500+ victims from the October 1, 2017 shooting struggled for life in Las Vegas hospitals, gun-grabbers across America were already rushing to capitalize.

From social media, to cable TV news and late-night comedy shows, the message was the same all over the country:

Guns and gun owners are to blame for this tragedy.

Here in Minnesota, the gun-grabbers all but promised an all-out gun control WAR.

Site, I’m not going to mince words. This is an EMERGENCY.

So today, I’m asking for your IMMEDIATE financial support to help Minnesota Gun Rights fight back against the gun control assault you and I know is right around the corner.

I can virtually promise you, doing nothing is a recipe for watching our Second Amendment freedoms utterly DESTROYED.

In fact, gun-grabbers across Minnesota are already demanding as much. State Rep. Paul Thissen (D-Minneapolis) stated:

Do we need to lose more lives? It’s well past time to stand up (to gun owners) and say enough is enough! Political expediency be damned.”

State Rep. and 2018 Governor candidate Erin Murphy (D-St. Paul) added:

The only way to prevent another family and another city from experiencing the same is by passing state and federal legislation proven to prevent gun violence.”

And longtime gun-grabber and Senate ringleader Ron Latz (D-St. Louis Park) said those who dare stand against gun control “place profit before people.”

Worse, I’m afraid gun-grabbers will be able to cobble together enough votes from both sides of the aisle to RAM virtually anything they can dream up into law — if you and I don’t act to stiffen the spines of key members of our State Legislature.

After all, with media hysteria reaching a fever pitch, you can bet there are plenty of our supposed “pro-Second Amendment” allies whose backbones are going wobbly.

These are the exact same people who believe the so-called “Gun Free Zone” sign at Mandalay Bay Hotel was supposed to stop killers from going on a rampage — using innocent concertgoers for target practice.

Murderers don’t obey gun control laws or abide by “gun free zone” signs. Only law-abiding citizens do.

In reality, with law enforcement taking well over an hour to reach the shooters’ room — even in one of the most heavily patrolled areas of Las Vegas) — the only way to stop this travesty would be if good people in the hotel were able to take it upon themselves to fight back.

Amidst the stories of tragedy, there have been stories of heroism — like the Marine veteran who stole a pickup truck and used it to rush victims to the hospital.

Or the unarmed, off-duty Minnesota police officer who asked Big and Rich singer John Rich — who played the music festival two hours earlier — for the use of his concealed carry gun to protect everyone at the small bar they retired to.

But instead, the only thing anyone in the hotel could do was lock their doors and pray in the midst of never-ending gun shots.

Site, I fear for the worst here in Minnesota.

BILLIONAIRE gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg, his pals in the media and his puppet politicians in St. Paul are going to unleash a torrent of gun control legislation unlike you and I have ever seen.

Everything from mandated government approval before owning a firearm, to statewide gun registration, to outright bans will be on the table.

We have to FIGHT BACK with everything we have.

That means U.S. Mail, social media, Internet and radio ads and (if we can raise the resources) even a presence on TV to ensure we can hold off the coming onslaught.

So please — if at all possible — agree to your most generous contribution of $250 today.

Or, if that’s too much, please agree to $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford at this time.

Site, please act today. Your IMMEDIATE support could not be more critical.

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

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