Minnesota: Thank These Pro-Gun Candidates!

As this election season is officially underway, Minnesota Gun Rights is hammering on gun-grabbing politicians as hard as we possibly can.

As they seek to run from their record of killing pro-gun bills, sponsoring gun-control, voting for extreme gun-control measures and more, they are being confronted by the truth.

In fact, Minnesota Gun Rights is flooding select districts with targeted mail, email, radio ads and social media!

They need to pay a price for their attacks on our gun rights, and we’ll make sure that they do.

But equally important is making sure you know about some of the solidly pro-gun candidates that are running this year, some for the first time and some as they seek re-election.

As a non-partisan non-profit organization, Minnesota Gun Rights does not and cannot endorse or oppose candidates, and we don’t expressly advocate for or against them either.

Our job is to advocate for the 2nd Amendment and to get the word out about where the candidates stand on this issue.

(Please note that we’re not covering every race in this email. Some incumbents are not facing opposition, while others have not answered their candidate survey, meaning we have no information to provide.)

Incumbents Seeking Reelection:

*** In Senate District 29 (Wright County) pro-gun Senator Bruce Anderson is running for re-election.

Anderson, who is running against Democrat challenger Janice Kittok, has signed his candidate survey 100% pro-gun in support of Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry legislation!

More than that, Senator Anderson voted YES on Constitutional Carry on April 23, 2015 on the Senate floor

Democratic challenger Janice Kittok however, has blatantly REFUSED to fill out her Minnesota Gun Rights candidate survey to tell gun owners where she stands on your gun rights, meaning that she likely intends to cozy up to anti-gunners in the Senate like Senator Ron Latz.

*** In Senate District 22 (Lyon, Nobles, Rock, Pipestone, Cottonwood, and Lincoln County,) Senator Bill Weber is looking to return to the Minnesota Senate.

During the 2015 session, Senator Weber stood side-by-side with Senator Anderson in voting YES on Constitutional Carry legislation and has also filled out our Minnesota Gun Rights survey 100% in favor of your gun rights!

Running against Senator Weber is challenger Brian Abrahamson who, despite our best efforts, has REFUSED to fill out his Minnesota Gun Rights candidate questionnaire and tell gun owners where he stands on critical 2nd Amendment issues.

Oftentimes in our experience, when a candidate won’t tell us where they stand on our gun rights, it’s a bad sign — as they virtually ALWAYS back gun-control once in office.

Pro-Gun Challengers:

*** Senate District 2 (Lake of the Woods, Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Becker, Mahomen Counties)

Republican Paul Utke is running against anti-gun Senator Rod Skoe for the Senate seat.

Challenger Paul Utke has surveyed 100% in support of your gun rights in our candidate survey, including the badly needed Stand-Your-Ground legislation

However, Senator Skoe has flat out refused to fill out his MGR Candidate Survey.

Worse, during the 2015 session Senator Skoe stood beside anti-gun radicals like Senator Ron Latz and Jim Carlson and voted to KILL Constitutional Carry on the Senate floor.

*** Senate District 17 (Swift, Chippewa, Renville, Kandiyohi Counties)

Challenger Andrew Lang has also signed his gun rights candidate survey 100% in support of your gun rights!

This means he supports pro-gun legislation and opposes universal background checks and database schemes that endanger gun owners’ privacy.

Senator Lyle Koenen, on the other hand, voted AGAINST Constitutional Carry in the Senate and REFUSED to co-sponsor Senator Branden Petersen’s Stand-Your-Ground bill

Senator Koenen is also refusing to answer his candidate survey this time around, leaving us confident he’ll continue attacking our gun rights if sent back to St Paul.

*** In House District 49B (portions of Hennepin county,) pro-gun candidate Max Rymer is running against incumbent Democrat Representative Paul Rosenthal.

Rymer has signed his candidate survey 100% pro-gun, promising to sponsor pro-gun legislation if elected!

Rosenthal, a notorious opponent of your right to keep and bear arms in the Minnesota House, voted YES on Bloomberg’s Statewide Gun Registration bill!

Now Rosenthal is refusing to answer his MGR gun-rights candidate survey, meaning that he’s likely to continue his rabid assault on your gun rights if re-elected.

More than that, as one of Bloomberg’s chief gun-control architects in the Minnesota House, Rosenthal is one of only six legislators in the entire state to get an endorsement from Michael Bloomberg!

*** In House District 31B (portions of Anoka County) Cal Bahr has surveyed 100% pro-gun as well.

If elected, Cal Bahr has promised to sponsor Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law!

Lots of candidates agree to vote for pro-gun bills, but Cal Bahr has promised to lead this charge!

However, Susan Larson has refused her survey and it seems will march in lock-step with the anti-gunners in the Minnesota House if elected.

Can You Help?

Having read this email and by being a supporter of Minnesota Gun Rights over the last few years, you know who’s ‘good on guns’ here in Minnesota and who is not.

But what about your friends at work, or your buddies at the range, and how about your larger family?

That’s where we come in!

We’re educating Minnesotans with targeted direct mail, mass email deployments, radio ads, house-to-house literature drops, targeted social media — everything but my kitchen sink — during this election season!

But as much as we’ve done in the early voting phase of this cycle, we have much more to do as we finalize plans for the last two weeks of October!

And I need your help to run this program.

Every penny you provide is hammering a gun-grabber here in Minnesota.

Every penny helps us expose them and hold the line against further attacks on our freedoms, and every legislator in the state will be reminded that you and I are always ready to defend our 2nd Amendment rights!

Some of you can afford to underwrite massive portions of our program with donations of $2,500 or even $5,000, as some of you have already done.

For others, I know that $20 represents a sacrificial gift.

Whatever you can do, I need you to do it right now.

With $50 I can deploy over 100 pieces of targeted direct mail to gun owners in Susan Larsons’ district.

With $500 I can book at least a dozen radio ads to run in Burnsville, so gun owners and everyone else learns the truth about Representative Rosenthal’s support of gun control!

With just $20, I can ensure that at least 5,000 gun owners see our sponsored Facebook post in Park Rapids, Mahnomen, and the rest of Senate District 2, where anti-gun Senator Rod Skoe is trying to fool gun owners into believing that he didn’t vote against Constitutional Carry.

For $2,500 I can run blistering radio ads in Senate District 51 at almost saturation levels during the final week of the campaign!

We’ll remind everyone that Senator Jim Carlson voted against Constitutional Carry and continues his attack on gun owners by sponsoring Bloomberg’s anti-gun “Gag Act!”

You see, whatever you can do, be it big or modest, will go directly into this fight!

Whatever you do, please make sure that all of your pro-gun friends and family see this information so they can have the facts when trying to make important decisions, especially now that early voting is officially underway!

Thank you, in advance, for whatever you can do to help us expose gun grabbers here in Minnesota!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Minnesota Gun Rights has been busy meeting with and surveying candidates as we get into the heart of the 2016 election cycle.

Some of the results of that survey are included above.

Please make sure your pro-gun friends and family know which candidates are willing to fight for the 2nd Amendment, and which ones are desperately running from their support of gun control as we are now in the early voting phase of this election season!

We need to educate many more gun owners about where these candidates stand.

Minnesota Gun Rights has the plan in place to do just that using mail, email, social media, radio ads and more.

But we need your help to fund this program!

Please do whatever you can – today – so that these anti-gun state legislators can’t hide from their records any longer