Minnesota: Primaries Coming August 9!

The Minnesota primary elections are coming up August 9th and Minnesota Gun Rights is going all-out to expose the worst anti-gun RINOs in the Minnesota House and Senate

For over SIX YEARS we’ve had a Republican majority in the Minnesota Senate, (with a GOP majority in the House for 2 of those years) promising to pass Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry law. 

Yet they never lifted a finger.

In fact, they never even put a pro-gun bill on the floor for a vote and made Democrats in the House try to stop it. Not. One. Time. 

Yet all across the state, from Park Rapids to Hastings to Rochester, RINO incumbents are begging for money and votes from gun owners, once again promising to fight for Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry…    

Yet, when Minnesota Gun Rights members call them out for doing the bidding of Tim Walz by refusing to pass pro-gun bills, RINO politicians viciously attack them instead of apologizing and working to do better.

That’s why Minnesota Gun Rights is exposing their bad records in these GOP primaries and making sure voters know who is REALLY pro-gun and who is just saying they are. 

In the next few days, we’ll be releasing our survey results for all gun owners to see, but in the meantime, MGR is spending tens of thousands of YOUR donor dollars in key districts that will make all the difference in the November elections and 2023 legislative session. 

If you’re able, please help fund our program to expose bad politicians by making a contribution of any amount


This is where gun owners make the biggest difference in Minnesota and shape our legislative politics for months and years to come. 

We’ve been lied about, attacked, accused and maligned by self-serving RINO politicians like Paul Gazelka and Kurt Daudt for years. 

In return, PRO-FREEDOM candidates like Nathan Wesenberg in Senate District 10, Mark Bishofsky in House District 33B, Dr. Bill Lieske in Senate District 58, Tom Dippel in Senate District 41 and many others are running against establishment-backed button pushers to be on the November ballot

That’s why Minnesota Gun Rights surveyed all of these candidates for office and are spending big money to promote the Second Amendment and make sure we educate gun owners on where these candidates stand on GUN RIGHTS! 

Help us finish this primary election strong and get prepared to expose radical Left Communists in the November general election

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights