Minnesota: H.R. 2392 Would Get Innocent People Killed!

While Joe Biden is desperately trying to ban and confiscate AR-15s and pass a national gun registry into law, his team is actively working on their Plan B ‘just in case.’

Biden’s handlers want a win to trot out before Biden runs for re-election in 2024…and they can’t come up empty handed.

That’s why Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) — one of Biden’s leading allies in the House — has recently filed H.R. 2392, which would mandate a national waiting period on all firearms transfers!

But make no mistake: that’s not all this bill would do.

H.R. 2392 will also get innocent people killed.

This is no exaggeration.

Rep. Slotkin’s bill makes it a FELONY to buy and take possession of a firearm without waiting seven days first.

So if you give your adult daughter a Glock 9mm without waiting seven days because she’s being stalked and is in fear of being raped or even murdered — you’d be facing a felony charge!

If you loan a friend a shotgun to keep in his business because he’s concerned about a rash of armed robberies, and you don’t wait seven days first — you’d be facing a felony charge! 

If you buy a firearm for home defense to defend your loved ones (think 2020’s Summer of Rage) without waiting the mandatory seven days — you’d be facing a felony charge!

This isn’t theory.

Millions of Americans bought guns for the first time in 2020, desperate to protect themselves from the violent street protestors who rioted, burned, and shot their way across the country. That would have been impossible if H.R. 2392 was law.

I understand that if you’re reading this email you already own multiple firearms, maybe dozens of firearms.

But before you toss this email aside thinking that a seven-day waiting period wouldn’t leave you in jeopardy, understand that when your children or grandchild grow up, this will impact them!  

Biden and his handlers understand that they are engaged in a war for the future of America.

And while they want big wins (like banning AR-15s) they would love to pass H.R. 2392 if they can get away with it.

That’s why it’s critical that you sign your petition, so that our Senators and your Congressman know that you are 100% opposed to any bill that forces waiting periods on us!

And, before you do, I hope you’ll allow me to mention one more thing.

In just a couple of weeks we’ll be hitting the summer season where our cash on hand will plummet as gun owners are enjoying vacations, Little League games, and time in the outdoors.

But while that’s happening, the gun control battle will still be raging in Congress just like it was last summer, when Biden passed a major ‘Red Flag’ funding bill.

It’s critical that we have the ammo we need to maintain the fight. So after you sign your petition, please make a donation so that Minnesota Gun Rights can fight back against this bill.

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This bill is picking up steam. Make sure that your Congressman knows exactly where you stand before it’s too late!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights