Minnesota Gun Rights: Taking the Fight to the Anti-Gunners

On December 14, 2012, madman Adam Lanza entered a school in Newtown, Connecticut, and murdered 20 little kids and 6 staff members. The blood of these innocent Americans wasn’t even dry before gun-control advocates across the nation began howling to make victims of the rest of us.
Here in Minnesota, the gun-control machine took their cue from the national boys and kicked their anti-gun efforts into high gear.

Assault weapons bans. 7 round magazine bans. 10 round magazine bans. Universal gun registration.

Gun-control bills were everywhere.

But as the howling got louder, law-abiding gun owners who didn’t care to be victimized as well heard it too.

Farmers, teachers, loggers, doctors, iron workers, lawyers, parents and grandparents across the state uttered a collective “no,” and legislative leaders, prioritizing their legislative goals, laid gun-control aside for the year.

So why another gun-rights organization?

Simply put, gun-control advocates are adapting to their environment and changing their approach entirely. 

Radical gun control advocates like billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg realized that America couldn’t be forced into abandoning her liberties by the Federal level downward, as the gun-control debate in US Congress proved.

So he and his freedom-hating friends changed their tactics to a bottom-up approach, and now, instead of assaulting us from on high in Washington, D.C. where we can see ‘em coming, they want to slip gun-control in through our local communities via city councils, county supervisors and state legislatures.

Quite simply, they want to outwork us. They want to outwork us, and with their billionaire friends putting up the payroll, they want to buy their anti-gun politicians district by district, precinct by precinct, until they’ve bought enough to cram their entire agenda down our throats in one fell swoop.

Minnesota Gun Rights (MGR) is fighting this agenda from the outset. MGR isn’t going to sit around waiting for the next school shooting so that we can REACT when our rights are threatened.

On the contrary, MGR came out of the gates swinging to PROACTIVELY mobilize the gun-rights grassroots now so that we can more effectively defend our rights later when the next madman decides to go on a murderous rampage.

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We promise to never, EVER, betray the trust you put in us to fight on your behalf to safeguard our 2nd Amendment Rights.

We promise to always fight for the gun-rights grassroots instead of becoming the politicians’ mealy-mouthed liaisons to the grassroots.

We will not compromise. We will not yield.

Welcome to Minnesota Gun Rights.


Chris Dorr
Executive Director