MGR’s Response to Joe Biden…

It is total political war.

Joe Biden’s press conference today was the launch-point of attack after attack against the freedom that holds our America together – the Second Amendment.

Joe Biden’s administration, whose radicalization is only held in check by the fact that millions of Americans are armed, spewed out their plan:

➜➜ An ATF rule change that would classify pistol braces, which MILLIONS of Americans already own, as subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act.

Totally and completely unconstitutional, Biden wants to make you a felon under the NFA unless you surrender your pistol braces or pay heavy taxes and register with the ATF.

➜➜ Ban the sale of “ghost guns,” including 80% lowers and other firearm kits, unless you first submit yourself to entry in the government database of gun owners for tracking purposes.

Of course, criminals never have and never will register their weapons, but Biden’s DOJ wants to track each and every gun owner in America so that they can confiscate every firearm they can find.

➜➜ A National “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation law.

Biden’s plan eliminates due-process rights for gun owners by empowering liberal judges to confiscate firearms and withdraw civil rights based on probable cause and hearsay evidence without ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime.

➜➜ Nominate David Chipman as director for the ATF.

Chipman is a lifelong soldier in the war against the Second Amendment.

Most recently the director of Gabby Giffords’ Bloomberg-financed gun-control organization, Chipman was previously a special agent at the ATF and was directly responsible for part of the WACO fiasco back in the 1990’s.

Chipman’s US Senate confirmation would signal the launch of total persecution of gun owners by the Federal Government.

➜➜ Create a BILLION-dollar grant program for “community solutions” to end “gun violence.”

A total scam to fund gun-control organizations with taxpayer dollars, Biden’s grant program would weaponize “community leaders” with resources to attack the Second Amendment at state and local levels like America has never seen before.

It is time to take off our gloves.

If we are to remain a free country, every single one of us must do whatever we can right now, and that starts with Congress.

Pound out a message to your member of Congress and US Senators right now telling them HELL NO on Biden’s gun-control agenda.

Next, please forward this email to everyone you know.

The only way we will stop this attack is if we are all united, marching in lockstep with each other.

If you have friends who have been sitting on the fence, now is the time for them to get off of it and get into this battle to save our nation.

Please forward them this email.

And once you are finished, please make a generous donation to Minnesota Gun Rights right now.

Can you spare $500 or $250?

We need it now.

If that is too much, any contribution between $5 and $100 is desperately needed.

Please don’t wait until tomorrow – STAND AND FIGHT!

For Minnesota, 

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights