MGR Exposes Gun Control Zealot!

Senator Ron Latz just introduced S.F. 894 a NASTY so-called “Universal Background Checks” bill that would be nothing more than Statewide Gun Registration if it becomes law! 

That’s why we’ve just released our ad EXPOSING this gun-control zealot and his anti-American agenda

The ad encourages Second Amendment supporters to contact Senator Ron Latz and insist he STOP his war on gun owners in the Minnesota Senate!

More than that, this ad blasting statewide sends a LOUD message to every politician in St Paul that if you trample on our gun rights, there will be political hell to pay.

Please click here or below to watch the ad and and make a generous donation to help us get this ad running STATEWIDE!

Senator Latz’ gun registration bill closely mirrors Nancy Pelosi’s H.R.8 bill which passed the U.S. House only days ago with 8 Republican traitors voting in favor of it. 

That means right here in Minnesota, this legislative fight may come right down to the Senate where some of Minnesota’s own weak Republicans are very divided.

You see, in previous sessions, former Republican Senators Scott Jensen and Paul Anderson teamed up with radical anti-gun Senate Democrats and SPONSORED this same style of gun registration bill.

And with such a slim Republican majority in the Senate and weak Majority Leader Paul Gazelka at the helm, anything could happen!

So please help the fight for gun rights by funding as many of these ads as you can by clicking here!

After you’ve watched our ad, please sign your petition opposing this dangerous legislation:

OPPOSE Senate File 894!

The fight to save our freedoms has never been nastier in St Paul as politicians, desperate to get out from underneath the pressure that MGR members are bringing to bear, attack gun owners and our gun rights. 

We need to double down on the pressure! Don’t let up until they adjourn sine die!

 Thank you for taking action and we’ll have more updates soon!

For Minnesota,

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights