MAJOR Gun-Control Committee Hearing Announced!

Gun-control is barging in our front door.

As I told you yesterday, anti-gunners in St Paul are lining up to co-sponsor Rep. Linda Slocum’s gun-control MEGA bill and are rallying their anti-gun troops for a major push.

Minnesota Gun Rights is working around the clock to CRUSH HF3022, but now we’ve got another SERIOUS PROBLEM on our hands!

The new Chair of the House Public Safety Committee, Representative Brian Johnson, has just announced that this Thursday at 10:15am, he’s going to hold hearings on Michael Bloomberg’s radical “Universal Gun Registration” bill, H.F.1669!

Worse than that, during the same committee hearing, the committee will also be taking up Rep. Dave Pinto/Senator Ron Lat’z “Red Flags Orders”, H.F.1605.

This is BAD NEWS for gun owners.

Under Universal Gun Registration:

***  If you wanted to give your spouse a firearm to carry for self-defense,
          you’d be required to take them to your local Sheriff’s office and run a
          BACKGROUND CHECK on them, like a criminal, before giving them the

This background checks scheme is nothing more than code for
STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION and has been a major goal of anti-
gun militants in the capitol for years.


Because there’s no way such a scheme can be enforced without tracking
every gun and gun owner in the state! And as you and I both know,
registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION.

Under “Red Flags Orders”:

***  Anyone who you’ve EVER had a romantic relationship with — like a
          spurned girlfriend or boyfriend, an angry and violent ex or even a long
          past “fling” — could file for a NO GUN “red flag order” against you!

Under H.F. 1605, it can also be done ex parte — which means you could
lose your gun rights without even being able to defend yourself in court.

The court can also even consider prior arrest records — even if you’re
later found innocent!

The fact is, if passed, law-abiding citizens would have more due process
          rights for traffic violations than their gun rights.

We’ve got to FIGHT BACK!

That’s why I’m urging you to call and email the members of the House Public Safety Committee right away and tell them to stop, block and KILL H.F.1605 and H.F. 1669 before they ever come for a vote.

Call and email:

Chairman Brian Johnson
Phone: 651-296-8197
Email: [email protected]

Rep Kathy Lohmer
Phone: 651-296-9895
Email: [email protected]

Rep Keith Franke
Phone: 651-296-5621
Email: [email protected]

Rep Matt Grossell
Phone: 651-297-2668
Email: [email protected]

Rep Jeff Howe
Phone: 651-296-5398
Email: [email protected]

Rep Eric Lucero
Phone: 651-296-6937
Email: [email protected]

Rep Jim Newberger
Phone: 651-296-7881
Email: [email protected]

Rep Marion O’Neill
Phone: 651-296-8891
Email: [email protected]

Rep Mark Uglem
Phone: 651-296-8871
Email: [email protected]

Rep Nick Zerwas
Phone: 651-296-5884
Email: [email protected]

Your message is simple: You’re absolutely OPPOSED to HF1669 and HF1605 and you want to see both bills stopped, blocked and KILLED before they take a vote, no matter what Chairman Brian Johnson orders!

Site, this hearing is 24 hours away and we’re working around the clock to marshal grassroots gun owners to help us FIGHT BACK using online media, phone calls, mass email blasts (like the one you’re reading) and petition drives!

And I have to tell you, these programs come at a heavy cost.

So, if you can help Minnesota Gun Rights have the tools we need to stave off this threat, please consider a contribution right away!

Whether that be $500 or $1000 as some generous donors have done this week, or whether a donation of $250, $100, $50 or $25 is more practical for you at this time – – please just do what you can right away!

The truth is, I know that all of the spit and polished talking points that we can deliver in St Paul simply don’t matter if we’re not backed up by massive amounts of grassroots supporters all saying the same thing…

If you mess with our gun rights, you will be held accountable at election time!

For us to educate and mobilize that quantity of Minnesotans requires resources.

Site, we’re in the crucible right now and we can’t do it without you.

So make your phone calls, send your emails and make your most generous contribution right away!

Please stay tuned for more updates from the capitol.

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Gun control is barging through the front door.

Minnesota Gun Rights is fighting on all sides to stop the gun-control onslaught in St Paul and I’ve got some very troubling news.

House Public Safety Committee Chairman Brian Johnson has just scheduled hearings for two MAJOR gun-control bills for this Thursday at 10:15am.

For all the nasty details of what these bills would do, read the email above and when you’re done, contact the committee members using the info above and tell them to KILL HF1605 and HF1669 in committee.

When you’re done, please consider an emergency contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $25 right now to help Minnesota Gun Rights marshal grassroots gun owners to KILL this gun control!

To stay up-to-the-minute on the fight for gun rights in Minnesota, please take a moment to go check it out on our
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