Lip Service or Integrity? Your Candidates On the Record

With the August 12 Minnesota primaries just a few days away, Minnesota Gun Rights has been busy surveying candidates across the state who are seeking office at the state level in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

We are going to be highlighting some of these races in this email so that you can know which candidates align with your views of the 2nd Amendment.

If a candidate refuses to sign a candidate survey when they are most desperate for your votes and support, then you and I have no reason to believe that they’ll stand up for your rights when the gun-control lobby and liberal media pour on the pressure at the Capitol!

In fact, an aspiring politician may likely be planning to work behind the scenes IN FAVOR for gun control if they won’t tell you and I where they stand.

Of course, the survey is extremely straight forward.

We want to know if candidates will support things like Stand Your Ground legislation, Constitutional Carry legislation, whether or not they support Bloomberg’s Universal Registration legislation, if they’ll allow “mental health” legislation to be used to gut gun rights – and more.

So here are a few of the results of our survey program in the key State House races that MNGR is focusing on across the state.

(Please note, in some races where we do not have a reportable difference between the candidates, we may not feature them in this report.)

State House:

In House District 48B, (Eden Prairie) we have vastly different candidates running.

Sheila Kihne has surveyed 100% pro-gun. No hesitation, no wavering, she’s been clear all along that she’ll fight AGAINST Bloomberg-Gun-Control and FOR common sense Pro-Gun reforms like Constitutional Carry if elected.

Jenifer Loon, on the other hand, apparently cares so little about gun owners and the 2nd Amendment that she has so far REFUSED to put her beliefs concerning the 2nd Amendment in writing.

You see, virtually all politicians claim to be pro-gun during election season. Barack Obama himself claims he “supports the 2nd Amendment.” But when a politician outright REFUSES to tell voters where they stand, it nearly always means they have no plans to fight FOR your gun-rights and can often mean they plan to work AGAINST them!

Unfortunately, in District 35A we have a similar situation.

Candidate Abigail Whelan has so far REFUSED to answer the 2014 Minnesota Gun Rights Candidate Survey.

What is she hiding? Does she plan on expanding gun-control in Minnesota? Is she willing to work with Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun radicals in the legislature? Sadly, you and I just don’t know.

Candidate Justin Boals, however, signed his survey 100% in favor of your gun-rights!

If elected, you can count on Justin Boals to be a staunch supporter for your Gun-Rights. Not only that, Justin Boals promised to make your gun-rights one of his top priorities if elected by signing the 2014 Minnesota Gun Rights Leadership Pledge!

District 55A down in Scott County (Shakopee) is a different situation. This district has both a Democrat and Republican Primary, and in the Republican primary there is a reportable difference that voters should know about.

Bruce Mackenthun has surveyed 100% in favor of your gun rights. Constitutional Carry, Stand Your Ground, Pre-Emption reform – Bruce Mackenthun supports all of these concepts and more. Bruce was one of the very first candidates to fill out and return his survey to Minnesota Gun Rights.

Candidate Bob Loonan has returned the survey as well, but unlike Bruce Mackenthun, Loonan sings a different tune when it comes to your Gun-Rights.

Bob Loonan refuses to support Constitutional Carry, and he refuses to support the right for legally eligible citizens to carry on college campuses where violent attacks are becoming commonplace!

More dangerous, however, was Loonan’s answer on “Gun-Free Zones.”

Virtually every mass shooting that has occurred in the recent past happened in these “Gun-Free Zones” that would better be termed “Criminal Safe Zones.” The only way to stop a madman with a gun is a good man with a gun, and that’s why the first thing unarmed people do is call the armed police when in a situation that threatens their lives.

Bob Loonan went on record in opposition to legislation that would eliminate these Criminal Safe Zones.

Ronald Gray and Jay Whiting, who are running the in 55A Democrat primary on Tuesday, refused to fill out their candidate surveys.

Up in District 7B (Duluth), Republicans Carla Bayerl and Travis Silvers are squaring off for the nomination for their party ticket, but candidate Travis Silvers has to date REFUSED to answer his 2014 Minnesota Gun Rights Candidate Survey.

Carla Bayerl on the other hand went on record 100% in FAVOR of your gun-rights!

In District 47A, candidates Bob Frey and Jim Nash are competing for the Republican ticket to face off against Matthew Gieseke in November’s general election, and we’re happy to report that both Jim Nash and Bob Frey have returned their MNGR Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun!

We’ve also received Matthew Gieseke’s survey and expected it to be 100% pro-gun, given that on his campaign Facebook page Gieseke proclaims that he’ll “defend until the day I die our 2nd Amendment.”

We weren’t too surprised however when Gieseke answered 5 out of 8 questions AGAINST your gun rights in light of the fact that on his Facebook page he also supports an organization that sadly has a history of compromising when it comes to the 2nd Amendment in Minnesota.

For a complete list of the results of MNGR’s candidate survey, please check out the survey results at our website by clicking HERE.

If your district is not listed, we have not yet received surveys from that race.

Please take a moment to thank these pro-gun candidates!

As we noted, virtually everyone seeking office in Minnesota claims to be pro-gun. Many, however, are too afraid to put those views on paper, because secretly they are planning to work behind the scenes with gun-grabbers to restrict your gun rights.

For many, dealing with gun owners is a bore. That’s why we applaud the candidates who are willing to go on the record in defense of the 2nd Amendment.

In targeted districts around Minnesota, gun owners are getting direct mail from Minnesota Gun Rights highlighting the different candidates in their districts.

In other districts, MNGR is using targeted Facebook advertising to make sure that gun owners know who supports their gun rights – and who just says they do.

Some organizations sit around and talk about fighting for gun rights online – that’s easy.

But MNGR has actually been doing the hard work of compiling vote histories of incumbents, getting gun rights candidate surveys signed, and exposing anti-gunners so that you can make an informed decision for the August 12 primary election.

If you value the 2nd Amendment here in Minnesota and the hard work that goes into defending those rights, please feel free to chip in $20 to help MNGR continue to have the ammo we need to expose anti-gun legislators and candidates.

Either way, I hope you’ll take a moment to read this 2014 Primary Voter Guide and get this to every gun owner you know in the state so they can be informed and educated as they make their choice on August 12th.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. The August 12 primary is only a few days away and that’s why MNGR is releasing this 2014 Primary Election Voter Guide so that you’ll know where the candidates stand on your gun rights.

To view the results received to date, please click HERE.

While not every race features reportable differences (in some cases every candidate surveyed pro-gun, in some, no candidates surveyed at all), many of them do.

So please, review this race voter guide with care and forward this to all of your pro-gun friends!

And if you value the 2nd Amendment here in Minnesota and the hard work that goes into defending those rights, please feel free to chip in $20 to help MNGR continue to have the ammo we need to expose anti-gun legislators and candidates.