Legislature Returns – We Need Your Help!

The legislature returns Monday from their week-long Easter break and I need your help.

With the legislative session already half over, things are speeding up in St Paul as anti-gun legislators like Ron Latz, Dave Pinto and Linda Slocum work double-time to rally support for their Bloomberg funded gun control push.

We rallied for our gun rights on the 31st, now it’s time to bombard the capitol with grassroots pressure!

Now is the time for gun owners across Minnesota to shell their legislators with phone calls, emails, Facebook messages and Tweets as they return to session — and those messages are all PRE-WRITTEN!

More on that below.

The 2018 legislative session has been an all-out war on our Second Amendment rights as over 30 gun-control bills have been introduced by both Democrats and Republicans JUST THIS YEAR.

Everything from 5 different versions of Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration and Red Flags orders to full blown bans on ALL semi-automatic firearms and ammo restrictions are on the table and loading down with co-sponsors.

And as you’ve seen, the radical Left and their friends in the mass media are whipping the anti-gunners into a frenzy for gun-control.

They’ve even poisoned the minds of our KIDS and have them marching in the streets demanding that our Second Amendment be completely destroyed.

Site, we can’t let that happen.

Since gun owners already rallied for our rights and made our voices THUNDER on the capitol steps, now we need to pour an avalanche of pressure on the state capitol until the end of session in late May.

So please click on this link to the MGR ACTION CENTER and send our PRE-WRITTEN email, Facebook message, Tweet and/or phone call to your State Rep and Senator telling them “NO DEALS on Gun-Control, PERIOD!”

We can’t let up, not one little bit.

We can’t trust our “allies” in the legislature to hold fast.

We can’t trust a slick, greasy lobbyist lurking in the halls of the capitol to save our gun rights freedoms against the full force of the radical Left in St Paul.

Only a grassroots ARMY of mobilized gun owners sending the same message to the legislature in St Paul has the power to do that and that’s why we need your help now.

So please, click on this link and send your PRE-WRITTEN email, Facebook message, Tweet or phone call to your State Rep and Senator right away!

We have massive grassroots mobilization programs running statewide through targeted online media, direct mail and email to get more gun owners on board with this fight and the costs are piling up.

I’d like to get up on radio with some of the hardest-hitting political ads Minnesota has ever heard, IF we can raise the resources in time.

So on top of sending a message to your lawmaker, please consider a generous contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights to help us keep the pressure up in St Paul.

I don’t know what you can afford.

Whether you can do $1000 or $10 or anywhere in between, please be as generous as you can!

For Freedom

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

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