It’s Time to Renew Your Membership for 2023!

I’m not going to mince words. This is an EMERGENCY!

After a two-year battle to save our gun rights from the relentless attacks of Joe Biden and the Radical Left, gun owners across America were hoping for a ‘Red Wave’ on Election Night.

But as we all know, that’s not what happened.

The good news, if there is any, is that as of this moment, gun owners appear to have kicked Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the House out of power…a ‘revenge vote’ for their attempt to disarm us through an onslaught of tyrannical gun control bills.

In the Senate, however, the results were not so good.

Chuck Schumer will keep control of the chamber — and will likely increase the size of his majority when the counting is done and the runoff election in Georgia is complete.   

Any way you look at it, at the federal level, this wasn’t a ‘Red Wave’ election that will end the threat to our gun rights in Congress. With an emboldened White House maintaining control of the United States Senate, you and I are in for a fight.

That’s why I hope that you will immediately renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights for 2023, so that we can defend your gun rights in D.C. and here in St Paul!

You see, while the election results at the federal level are somewhat vague, there is no doubt about what happened here in Minnesota. Simply put, it was an unmitigated disaster.

While Scott Jensen ran an ‘OK’ campaign, at the end of the day, Tim Walz won his bid for re-election by nearly 8 points.

Keith Ellison, the most demented Attorney General in the history of Minnesota who has made it his mission to destroy conservatives across the state, was re-elected by less than 1%.

But the biggest blows of the night were the results of the State Senate and State House races here in St Paul.

Some thought there was a high likelihood that the GOP, under RINO Rep Kurt Daudt, was going to flip the House back to Republican control. That didn’t happen. In fact, the GOP didn’t gain a single seat in the House.

DFL Speaker Melissa Hortman kept control with a sizeable majority of 70-64.

But worst of all, Democrats have taken over the Minnesota Senate as well, and now possess a DFL government trifecta in Minnesota for the first time in a decade.  

Some of you have already reached out to our office and asked us, point blank, if we think these election results are the result of fraud and a corrupt voting process.

I’ll be very candid: I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know: Tim Walz has taken his re-election and the results of races up and down the ballot as a ‘mandate’ to advance an aggressive gun control agenda –- and this fight begins the moment the 2023 session kicks off in January!

And that’s why I hope you’ll renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights right away! We need your support now!

You see, now that Democrats control our entire Minnesota state government, they want REVENGE on gun owners for stopping their agenda for so many years.   

At a minimum, we could see action from the Left to:

>>>  Enforce a statewide registry of every gun owner in MinnesotaThis has been the goal of the radical Democrats ever since they took the House in 2018 and now, with control of the Senate, they’re going to go for it. The gun-grabbers need to pass this bill first, as the necessary building block for eventual gun confiscation! 

>>>  Pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws for all MinnesotansUnder this scheme, government agents could bust into your home to seize your guns with ZERO due process just because someone complains about you. Totally unconstitutional.

>>>  Immediately move to outlaw every single semi-automatic rifle, handgun, and shotgun in the stateIf gun owners don’t put the brakes on this agenda, the DLF are not going to stop with banning our AR-15s. They’ll ban your wife’s Glock 9mm, your Remington 11-87 and even your Ruger 10-22!

And honestly, this may be just the beginning. There were close to a dozen gun control bills that died last session only because MGR members made it clear to the Senate GOP majority that these bills were an absolute NO GO!

Now, with the Senate majority in DFL hands, these tyrants will be totally unhinged!

But while the election results were bleak, the Democrats successfully passing gun control in Minnesota next year is FAR from a foregone conclusion!

You see, while Democrats now control both the House and Senate, they only control the Senate by a razor-thin majority of ONE VOTE.

If you and I and THOUSANDS of other gun owners across the state pour MASSIVE pressure on the Senate in 2023, I believe we can sway the votes necessary to stop this agenda in its tracks!

If we don’t fight, then we surrender Minnesota to become the crime-filled, Communist hellhole that the Marxists so desperately want.

This is the DFL’s vision for Minnesota.

This is Tim Walz’ vision for Minnesota.

This is Keith Ellison’s vision for Minnesota.

But so help me God, this is not MY vision for Minnesota — and I am certain this isn’t what you want, either!

I love this country, and I love this great state. And I am committed to doing everything I can to stop the radical Democrats (and RINOs) who want to weaken it by disarming law-abiding citizens like you and me.

If you agree with me, I hope that you will stand with tens of thousands of your fellow Minnesotans and renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights for 2023!

The amount of your renewal is up to you, but we’re going to be in a massive fight next session and that’s why I hope you’ll agree to renewing at the Patriot Level ($125) or the Freedom Level ($75) of membership for 2023!    

I know that’s a lot but running these programs — at the size we’ll need to run them — isn’t cheap. And after the massive amount we just spent on the 2022 election program, we simply don’t have the funds we need to do all of this. 

So if $125 or $75 is just not possible, please consider a Liberty Level membership of $35.

Some people want to give up the fight and are talking about moving to another state. But as the father of 4 little boys who are counting on me, that’s just not an option.

We’re going to fight as long and hard as we can to protect our Second Amendment freedoms. We’ll never abandon this fight!

If you agree with me, renew your membership in MGR TODAY!

Any MGR member who renews for $75 (Freedom Level) or higher will receive a newly redesigned T-Shirt, absolutely free as our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your continued support.

The amount of your membership renewal is up to you, but with everything that we’re facing in 2023, I hope you act fast!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. While it appears that gun voters flipped the House and fired Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, it was a narrow victory. And the Senate will remain in Chuck Schumer’s hands.

Here in Minnesota, Tim Walz defeated Scott Jensen by a sizeable margin and took control of BOTH chambers of the State Legislature going into next year.

We’re facing the biggest battle to stop gun control in Minnesota’s history next session, and we need you with us!

Stand with us next year in our fight for freedom by renewing your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights for 2023!

Remember, all renewals at the Freedom Level ($75) or higher come with a FREE MGR T-Shirt!