If we don’t stop this, we’re in BIG trouble…

It’s about to get worse for gun owners. Much worse.

Tomorrow the state of Michigan — with their brand new Democrat majorities, just like Minnesota — is going to ram Red Flag laws, Universal Background Checks AND ‘mandated firearms storage’ bills into law.

Minnesota Democrats are DESPERATE to do the same! 

If you read our emails last week, you already know that Senator John Marty (D-SD40) has introduced the worst gun control bill in Minnesota history, S.F. 1723 and THIS is the DFL’s extreme desire.

This bill is designed to wreak havoc on our Second Amendment rights, implementing 18 different gun control provisions (that you can read in the email below) to destroy our 2A freedoms for good.

Since we last spoke, MGR members have been pouring pressure on the Minnesota Senate to make sure Marty’s bills never see the light of day. So far, the pressure is working!

But John Marty and his handler, Michael Bloomberg, just revealed their trick play as we’re being told the House is about to release the companion bill to Senator Marty’s gun control bill in the Senate.

Capitol insiders are telling us that House Democrats, with a 6 vote majority under Speaker Melissa Hortman, want to pass this bill before May, in order to put major pressure on the weaker DFL-controlled Senate (with a 1 vote majority) to pass some form of gun control before session ends!

We need all hands on deck if we’re to stop their plan from materializing into full-blown votes on this legislation.

MGR is rolling out a massive, statewide program to mobilize more gun owners to make phone calls, send emails, sign petitions and make sure EVERY politician in St Paul knows that if they touch our Second Amendment freedoms, there will be hell to pay!

But we can’t do this without your IMMEDIATE help!

Please read the battle plan laid out below right away and when you are finished, please consider your most generous contribution as well!

— Ben

Just recently I wrote you about two big gun control bills (Red Flag laws and Statewide Gun Registration) that the DFL are pushing in St Paul, but a new bill has been introduced in the Senate that will COMPLETELY UNMAKE our Second Amendment in Minnesota!

This is an all-out EMERGENCY and I need your help to stop it!

Let me explain.

With Tim Walz in the Governor’s mansion and Democrats in control of the Minnesota House AND Senate, the radical left and Bloomberg’s gun control troops think they have the momentum they need to pass gun control and destroy our Second Amendment once and for all.

That’s why Communist tyrant Senator John Marty (D-SD40) has launched an all-out assault on our Second Amendment freedoms…

his bill, S.F. 1723 includes REGISTRATION of EVERY semi-automatic firearm, a BAN on all magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammo, a BAN on 50. cal firearms, forced reporting requirements, mandatory INSURANCE for carrying and MORE!

And with these new majorities in St Paul and the corporate media pushing this disastrous agenda at every turn — I’m worried they will have the votes to RAM this disastrous gun-control bill into law!

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE financial support to help us identify and mobilize more gun owners across Minnesota to SHUT THIS DOWN!

As you’ll see, we need every ounce of firepower to help shut down S.F. 1723, the radical gun-control bill that Communist Senator John Marty, and his anti-gun cohorts are feverishly mobilizing support for. 

The list of gun control in this bill is MASSIVE, so strap in.

If passed, S.F. 1723 would:

***  BAN all magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition

***  OUTLAW all 50. cal or bigger firearms and ammunition

***  FORCE registration of ALL firearms in Minnesota

***  BAN all “home built” firearms in Minnesota

***  BAN all firearms without serial numbers for tracking

***  REQUIRE a physical test for firearms ownership

***  REQUIRE mental health tests to own or carry a firearm

***  LIMIT firearms purchases to 1 gun every 30 days

***  REQUIRE liability insurance to carry a firearm

***  REQUIRE training on how to retreat when violently attacked

***  MAKE it a crime to carry a gun past “no guns allowed” signs

***  BAN carrying AR-15 style firearms anywhere in public

***  BAN open carry of ANY firearm, making it a crime

***  FORCE you to lock all your firearms in an “approved” safe

***  CREATE a database of every firearm and firearm owner in MN

***  ELIMINATE permit reciprocity with ALL other states

***  FORCE a criminal background check on ALL firearms transfers

***  BAN firearm carry in ANY state/local public buildings

And this is just the start! Please help stop S.F. 1723!

This bill goes on and on with requirements that will utterly destroy our Second Amendment freedom without saving a single life.

If the Democrats start holding hearings on this bill and it starts moving through the legislature, it will be an utter DISASTER for our Second Amendment freedoms.

After all, Governor Tim Walz would happily sign any gun control bill that his legislative water-boys could put on his desk.

And it’s downright scary to see just how close that is to happening . . .

As it stands today, Democrats has a firm hold of the Minnesota House with Communist Speaker Melissa Hortman chomping at the bit to pass gun control, just like she did in 2019 and 2020!

The good news is the Senate is only held by a SLIM 1 VOTE MAJORITY, meaning MGR members stand a good chance of stopping gun control if we can force just ONE DFL Senator (like Grant Hauschild or Rob Kupec) to vote NO on this agenda!

But without an overwhelming show of FORCE against this anti-gun assault, the gun-grabbers believe they have everything they need to RAM gun control into law!

That’s why we simply cannot afford to let this attack on our Second Amendment rights go unanswered.

The gun-grabbers are counting on Second Amendment supporters to sit back and do nothing. They’re counting on us to give up and say, “There’s nothing we can do to stop this.”

If we do that, it’ll be like rolling out the red carpet for Michael Bloomberg and Senator John Marty.

That’s why I hope you’ll consider an EMERGENCY contribution to our “DEFEAT NUCLEAR GUN CONTROL” fund, to be used IMMEDIATELY to fight these bills in St Paul and send a message the politicians will never forget!

Your financial support will help Minnesota Gun Rights launch a massive four-part plan to answer the gun-grabbers, including:

  • Generating 125,000 petitions from all over Minnesota insisting the State Legislature STAND UP and STOP Representative Sandell’s anti-gun assault;
  • Using email, social media and Internet ads to mobilize an additional 50,000 Minnesota citizens to this fight;
  • Sending out over 200,000 text messages to gun owners, explaining what’s happening with this bill and encouraging them to contact their representatives in opposition;
  • Paying for hard-hitting radio, newspaper and even TV ads if they prove necessary to stop these bills.

That’s why I am very directly asking you to consider your maximum possible contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights!

Some patriots have already given as much as $1000, $500 and $250.

If you can afford an investment in our fight of that size, NOW is the time to give!

Minnesota Gun Rights is FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS and rolling out the biggest mobilization program that we can possibly afford, using that money, as we work to flood St. Paul with calls, email and PRESSURE from gun owners.

We’ve already kicked off multiple statewide internet ad campaigns that you can see on our Facebook page, we’re rolling radio ads in Senate District 3 and are working to quickly augment the size of our email list.

But we also need to prepare direct mail campaigns in key Senate districts and produce more of our radio and TV ads for when this bill is slated for a floor vote!

We’re working around the clock to WIN this fight, but we need your support — and we need it NOW!

But if those numbers above are just too much, please consider $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10 so that I know how much we have to work with as we continue to roll out this mobilization program!

We can stop these bills, if we stand together and apply our targeted programs where they will do the most amount of good.

The MGR Team is fighting like hell with everything we have from now until the end of session, but we can’t do it alone!

Please make a generous donation TODAY!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

Anti-gun radicals like Senator John Marty are coming after our gun rights with everything they have – including FORCED REGISTRATION of EVERY firearm, a BAN on magazines that hold over 10 rounds, liability insurance to carry firearms, physical and mental health tests to own a gun and MORE!

We have to respond with overwhelming force now! 

So please help Minnesota Gun Rights run the largest mobilization program in our history (consisting of direct mail, internet ads, mass emails, radio ads, text messages and even TV ads) by making a donation of $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10 TODAY!