ICYMI: Gun Owners Won Big on Tuesday!

Last night, the anti-freedom RINO establishment cried. A lot.

That’s because gun voters flooded the polls yesterday and scored BIG WINS in our fight for freedom here at Minnesota Gun Rights!

From the House to the Senate primary elections, gun owners triggered a wave of ballot-box success unlike anything that has been seen in Minnesota for many, many years.

And the thanks belongs to YOU!

This primary election cycle, Minnesota Gun Rights (MGR) extended our hard-hitting election advocacy operations, using new tools and resources, to bring our gun rights hammer down in legislative districts across the state!

MGR filmed countless videos highlighting the differences between the candidates on our gun rights, and thanks to your financial help, MGR placed ads in every corner of the state that were seen by hundreds of THOUSANDS of identified gun-rights supporters.

And quite frankly, it was a smashing success.

For too long, gun owners like you and me have been stabbed in the back by the politicians, the spouses of politicians, the lobbyists and the life-long party loyalists that compose the head honchos of the RINO establishment in St Paul.

And the way that planted those knives in our backs was by ‘Endorsing’ their quisling, cherry-picked, noodle-spined candidates and helping them win the primary elections and shut out real, patriotic, God-fearing, America-loving candidates who want to FIGHT for Minnesota!

Sometimes worse, they often would refuse to strip endorsements or funding away from backstabbing traitors within the Republican party ranks who betray our gun rights, and instead spent donor dollars – dollars that should be spent on defeating the radical left – on beating down real grassroots conservatives!

But Minnesota Gun Rights’ army of mobilized gun voters has become strong and politically powerful over the last 10 years: times are changing.

And this is 2022 – our gun rights, our culture, our heritage, our national pride are under assault like we’ve never seen.

So when the starting gun was fired yesterday morning at 7:00am when the polls opened, gun owners came out of the gates swinging, just like we suspected you would.

And before I get into some of the specific victories that were won by gun owners yesterday, I wanted to highlight the message that was sent to the Minnesota Republican Establishment yesterday:

“We demand that you stand up and fight against the Communist Left with every bone in your body if you get elected, and if you do not, you will be replaced.

Yesterday you proved to them that you will do just that, Christy, and we could not be more proud.

Here are just some of the victories:

Minnesota Legislative Primary Election

House District 54A




100% MGR Rated Rep. Erik Mortensen – VICTORIOUS

Gun owners and gun rights supporters in Shakopee won BIG last night with the primary election win of Representative Erik Mortensen! Mortensen has been the state’s leading advocate for Stand-Your-Ground, Constitutional Carry and the Second Amendment Preservation Act, often fighting against the DFL and the MNGOP who have zero desire to advance our Second Amendment rights in the legislature. Though both parties threw their support behind Erik’s opponent… it just wasn’t enough.  

Appointed Incumbent Rep. Bob Loonan – DEFEATED

Erik Mortensen sent self-appointed incumbent Representative Bob Loonan packing. Bob did NOT fill out our candidate survey and, as a staunch supporter of the RINO caucus in St Paul and a rabid opponent of Constitutional Carry, gun owners relieved him of the burden of public service… for the 3rd time in a row. 

House District 33B

100% MGR Rated Mark Bishofsky – VICTORIOUS

In a HUGE upset for the Establishment, gun owners and gun rights supporters in Stillwater scored a massive victory yesterday with the nomination of Mark Bishofsky! Bishofsky filled out the MGR Legislative Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun, and gun owners rewarded his pro-gun positions by electing him the Republican nominee for HD33B. Mark promises to be a fighter for the Second Amendment in St Paul, and that’s music to our ears!

Senate District 58

100% MGR Rated Dr. Bill Lieske – VICTORIOUS

Gun voters in the Northfield, Lonsdale and Farmington area scored a huge win yesterday with the nomination of Dr. Bill Lieske!

Dr. Bill was the only candidate in this open Senate seat to sign, seal, and deliver his candidate survey 100% in favor of our gun rights. Bill promises to be a fighter for the Second Amendment in St Paul, so the voters of Senate District 58 showed up at the polls and picked him to be their strong Republican nominee.

Wannabe Senator Jake Cordes – DEFEATED!

Bill Lieske bested Jake Cordes who refused to answer his MGR gun rights survey and had a long history of supporting Tim Walz, Mitt Romney, Pride Month, and being a rabid NEVER-TRUMPER. In spite of being given the weak endorsement of the establishment lapdogs, the Minnesota Gun Owners CuckUs, PRO-FREEDOM Dr. Bill Lieske beat Cordes by nearly DOUBLE the votes!

Senate District 41 

100% MGR Rated Tom Dippel –

Gun owners in the Hastings/Cottage Grover areas stormed to the polls and chose 100% Rated Tom Dippel to be on their November ballot! Tom is a great family man with firm convictions on only voting Constitutionally and fighting to advance the things he believes in most… like the Second Amendment! 
He filled out the Minnesota Gun Rights survey 100% pro-gun and promises to seek votes on Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry in the Senate, something no Senator has done in almost a decade!

Incumbent Representative Tony Jurgens – DEFEATED!

Tony Jurgens had a long history of alliances and friendships with the worst Democrats in St Paul and refused to lift a finger on behalf of gun owners in his time in office. Always a staunch ally of the RINOs and not of We The People, voters in SD41 relieved Tony Jurgens of his position of power and chose a servant of the People in Tom Dippel.

Senate District 10 

100% MGR Rated Nathan Wesenberg – VICTORIOUS

Last but certainly not least, Nathan Wesenberg won a decisive victory in a 3-way primary in portions of Mille Lacs, Benton, Crow Wing and Morrison counties to become the likely next Senator in SD10. 
Many gun owners in the area were forced to have quisling Paul Gazelka as their Senator in the past and our sources tell us they’re now thrilled to soon be represented by a real man.

2X Loser Jim Newberger – DEFEATED!

One of Wesenberg’s opponents was former State Rep Jim Newberger who seems to be unable to break his losing streak when running for office. Newberger refused to fill out his MGR survey and joined with Democrats to viciously attack Minnesota Gun Rights members in an open letter some time ago. Gun owners didn’t forget that betrayal and went to the polls Tuesday to remind Newberger of his mistake by choosing Nathan Wesenberg!


The list above is just a few of the highlights, as gun owners rocked the establishment’s world last night. 

Christy, we have a lot to celebrate!

Gun owners executed a massive power-play yesterday, and the 2023 Legislative Session in St Paul will have more and better pro-gun fighters than ever before.

And that’s a good thing, because Minnesota Gun Rights is gearing up to absolutely wreck the unholy alliance of RINOs and Leftists who are pushing for ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ and ‘Statewide Gun Registration’ at the Capitol.

If you’ve been waiting to become a member of Minnesota Gun Rights, there has never been a better time to join the movement and become part of our grassroots army.

We are racking up the political wins left and right, and they are only going to get bigger and more beautiful as the MGR army increases in size.

Next stop? The November General Elections.

Buckle up!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights