HUGE Pro-Gun News for Gun Owners!

I have some HUGE pro-gun news for gun owners!

Senator Paul Utke (R-SD2) just dropped the companion bill to Rep. Cal Bahr’s HF309, the Constitutional Carry bill!

For years anti-gunners in the Minnesota Senate have been the warpath against our gun rights!

First it was notorious anti-gun Senator Ron Latz pushing Michael Bloomberg’s Statewide Gun Registry, trying to track, trace and register every gun and gun owner.

Then it was Bloomberg’s lieutenants killing Constitutional Carry on the Senate floor, trying to disguise it (with the help of willing “pro-gun accomplices”) as a “procedural vote.”

And then it was Senator Jim Carlson’s “Gag-Act,” trying to muzzle pro-gun organizations at election time so they couldn’t be accountable!

Before Minnesota Gun Rights formed in 2013, these anti-gun radicals have kicked gun owners in the teeth time and again with impunity!

One of those anti-gun Senators who thought he could get away with voting to kill Constitutional Carry was former Senator Rod Skoe from Senate District 2.

Siding with Michael Bloomberg and Senator Latz, Rod Skoe voted against Constitutional Carry and then tried desperately to pull the wool over gun owner’s eyes and hide his record from voters in his district during the 2016 elections.

But thanks to the support of folks like you, Minnesota Gun Rights jumped into action with both feet.

MGR deployed 100 staff and volunteer man-hours of door-to-door lit dropping as well as direct mail, an all-out social media blitz, huge radio ad buys and a massive email program to expose Skoe’s REAL record to gun owners!

And on November 8th, gun owners paid Skoe’s betrayal back by booting his political career to the curb and replaced him with solidly pro-gun Paul Utke!

You see, candidate Utke promised to sponsor the Constitutional Carry legislation that Skoe voted to kill. . .

. . . and yesterday, Senator Utke followed through on his campaign promises and introduced SF649, the companion bill to Rep Cal Bahr’s HF309, Constitutional Carry!

This is what gun owners have been demanding and fighting for for years, and NOW is our chance to make it a reality!

As you all know, Constitutional Carry is the simple idea that if you’re legally able to own a firearm, you’re legally able to carry one for self-defense. Period.

No government permission, no taxes and fees, and no name being entered in a government database just to exercise your Second Amendment Rights.

Constitutional Carry would also make the current permit system optional for those who wish to get or renew a carry permit for purposes of reciprocity.

Despite the hysterics that we’re already seeing from the Star Tribune and other anti-gun media here in the state, Constitutional Carry doesn’t relax the standards on who is allowed to own or carry a gun.

All of the current laws regarding the legal ownership of firearms remain in place.

This simply makes permits optional and not mandatory.

But now we need your help!

I need you to immediately call, email, and Facebook message your Senators and urge them to cosponsor SF649 right away.

1. To call your Senator, simply call the switchboard and they’ll give you the direct number for your senator.

   That number is 651-296-0504.

2. To find your Senator’s email address and other contact info, click here.

3. To find out who represents you, click here.

   Your message is simple: support, co-sponsor and PASS SF649.

Gun owners have waited for years for Constitutional Carry law to restore the rights of millions of Minnesotans to carry a firearm without begging government permission or paying government taxes.

With a pro-gun majority in both houses of the legislature, now is the time for them to make this a reality in Minnesota.

The bill is on Senator Utke’s desk.

Urge them to physically add their name to SF649 right away!

The time for talk is over.

No more half measures.

It’s time to act, by passing this legislation, and that starts with their co-sponsorship.

Please contact your legislators right away, and when you’re done, please consider chipping in just $10 or $20 to help us spread this message statewide!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Pro-gun Senator Paul Utke has just introduced Constitutional Carry in the Minnesota Senate!

It’s Senate File 649 (SF649), and it’s the companion bill to Representative Cal Bahr’s HF309!

We need all hands on deck to make sure the Minnesota Senate is hearing YOUR message loud and clear.

If you’re sick and tired of begging your government for permission to defend yourself, paying expensive taxes and fees and being entered into a government database just to have the “right” to carry a firearm, then please take action IMMEDIATELY!

Please call, email and Facebook your state senator and tell him/her to co-sponsor SF649, Constitutional Carry!

To call your Senator, simply call the switchboard and they’ll give you a direct phone number for your Senator.

That number is 651-296-0504.

Please contact them right away, and when you’re done, please consider chipping in just $10 or $20 to help us spread this message statewide!

To stay up-to-the-minute on the fight for gun rights in Minnesota, please take a moment to go check it out on our Facebook page by clicking the image below!