Here’s What to Do at Your Precinct Caucus Tuesday Night

If you’ve been reading our emails you know that Minnesota Gun Rights has been working overtime to mobilize grassroots gun owners for the upcoming precinct caucuses.

Those caucuses are THIS Tuesday, February 6th!

This is where the rubber meets the road for gun owners and where we have a FANTASTIC opportunity to make Stand-Your-Ground law a part of your party platform and force the weak-kneed legislature to take action in the upcoming session.

We need Second Amendment supporters from across Minnesota to turn out to their local precinct caucuses, become delegates and help shepherd our Stand-Your-Ground Resolution through the party process.

That’s why it’s vital that you watch this Minnesota Gun Rights live-stream caucus training with MGR’s Political Director Ben Dorr and volunteer caucus training expert Tony LaLonde.

When you’re finished, be sure to print off the Minnesota Gun Rights Stand-Your-Ground resolution to bring to your local precinct caucus on Tuesday.

To print your Stand-Your-Ground resolution, GO HERE!

To find out where to caucus in your area, GO HERE!

It all comes down to this.

Michael Bloomberg and his band of anti-gunners have been using this caucus process for years to further their anti-gun political goals.

This is a fantastic opportunity for gun owners to turn the tide, and that all starts on Tuesday!

So please watch the video above, get your talking points, print off your Stand-Your-Ground resolution, turn out to caucus on Tuesday and FIGHT for your Second Amendment freedoms!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

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