Has Your Representative Co-Sponsored HF309?

I’ve got great news!

Because of all your phone calls and emails for the last week, momentum for Constitutional Carry is really picking up!

In just the last few days Representatives Newberger and Howe have signed on as co-sponsors to HF309, Rep Cal Bahr’s Constitutional Carry bill!

This is FANTASTIC news as it’s proof that your calls are having just the affect intended.

That makes Rep Drazkowski, Hertaus, McDonald, Lohmer, Poston, Newberger and Howe so far as co-sponsors.

Word around the Capitol is quickly beginning to spread…

… this is the bill that grassroots gun owners have been waiting for and are mobilizing to see PASSED. 

Thank you so much for all of your calls.

But we can’t let up now!

If you don’t see your Representative on the list above, click on the link to find out who represents you and call them RIGHT NOW and demand that they co-sponsor HF309!

The only way to tell if your representative is doing his job representing YOU is to make sure they’re signed on to HF309 as a co-sponsor.

After you’ve called your Representative, please call through the list below.

Every legislator on this list has promised, in writing, to co-sponsor Constitutional Carry.

Well now is the time for them to make good on those promises!

So please call every one of them and insist that they fulfill their promises to gun owners and co-sponsor Representative Cal Bahr’s HF309, the Minnesota Constitutional Carry bill!


Rep Bud Nornes
Phone: 651-296-5999

Rep Rob Ecklund
Phone: 651-296-2585

Rep Bob Gunther
Phone: 651-296-8871

Rep Dale Lueck
Phone: 651-296-4272

Rep Jeff Backer
Phone: 651-296-5388

Rep Paul Anderson
Phone: 651-296-7881

Rep Greg Davids
Phone: 651-296-8857

Rep Cindy Pugh
Phone: 651-296-3389

Rep Bob Dettmer
Phone: 651-296-8197

Rep Roz Peterson
Phone: 651-296-5494

When you’re done, contact Rep Cal Bahr at 651-296-9302 and tell him THANK YOU for fighting for gun owners and for introducing Constitutional Carry!

Thanks in advance for taking action and we’ll keep you updated!

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Political Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

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