Gun Control Vote TODAY!

I’ll be quick. 

Today at noon the Minnesota Senate will start debate on the Omnibus Public Safety Funding bill. 

In the bill is funding for Universal Background Checks (aka Gun Registration!), Red Flag Gun Confiscations, magazine bans and a LOT more!

We need to SHUT IT DOWN

But what’s NOT in the bill is the actual POLICY that the DFL will need to pass to make these gun control proposals law in Minnesota. 

The reason those provisions are not in the bill is because MGR has dropped an AVALANCHE of pressure on the Senate and a couple of the weaker Democrats are getting scared to vote for gun control! 

This is good news so far. 


Then, help us keep heat on our targeted Senators telling them to oppose these bills on the Senate floor!

We know the Senate DFL have vulnerable members who are scared of taking these big votes on gun control.

Senator Hauschild, Seeberger, Kupec, Hoffman and others would be very foolish to vote for these bills and they know it!

We need to continue to remind them of WHY they should fear gun owners at election time. 

Make an emergency donation today and we’ll keep the ads running HOT into their districts! 

We’re only 6 weeks out from the end of session. If we can keep this pressure up all the way till the end, we may win this yet!  

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights