Gun Control Passes, Tell Walz to VETO!

Last night, at midnight, the Minnesota House passed Red Flag Gun Confiscations and Universal Background Checks (aka Statewide Gun Registration) by a vote of 69-63.

The bill is now on its way to Governor Walz’ desk for a signature and I need YOU to click the link below and tell him to VETO the bill!

Will he listen? Probably not. 

But I’ll be damned if he gets to sign that bill without thousands of emails blowing up his inbox telling him that the people of Minnesota don’t want his tyranny!

But there’s a bigger reason to do it. 

If he signs the bills without hearing from gun owners, the next time the DFL feels like trying to pass gun control, he’ll get to tell the weak members, who are hesitant, that he didn’t hear a word of opposition on the last bill, so don’t worry about voting yes again.

So send your PRE-WRITTEN email telling Walz you want him to VETO S.F. 2909!

And don’t forget, at the beginning of the year, the DFL was pushing bills to:

1. Mandate physical and mental health tests for gun ownership. 

2. BAN all AR-15-style firearms.

3. Mandate civil liability insurance for gun ownership. 

4. BAN open carry of firearms.

…and so much more. 

While passage of Red Flags and UBCs is far too much, gun owners accomplished a LOT and we’ve a LOT more work to do now to safeguard our Second Amendment rights. 

In the days ahead, we’ll break it all down for you, but for right now, this fight isn’t over and I need you to send your email to Tyrant Walz right away! 

When you’re done, I hope you’ll continue to support the work we do here at Minnesota Gun Rights by making a contribution to our cause. 

We faced extreme odds this year and fought like berserkers to defend our Second Amendment, stopping the majority of the gun control that Walz and Bloomberg wanted in Minnesota.    

The fight continues, so join our work today!

Keep the faith, keep fighting and never, ever lay down to tyranny. 

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights