Gun Control Introduced in the Senate!

I have urgent news!

As you know, Rep. Dave Pinto introduced H.F. 14, Statewide Gun Registration, in the Minnesota House and that bill is working its way through the process. 

To watch our testimony against this bill, CLICK HERE or on the image below!

Now, Senator Ron Latz, a notorious gun-hating Communist from St Louis Park, has introduced S.F. 1116, the companion bill to H.F. 14 in the House!

Universal Background Checks (aka Statewide Gun Registration) is nothing more than the government creating a list of gun owners by requiring that EVERY transfer of a firearm go through a NICS background check

And while the bill currently has some carveouts for immediate family, this will not last and that portion of the bill will be immediately stripped out if they can get the votes to do it. 

To sum up, you’d be a FELON if you gave a pistol to your spouse, an old rifle to your grandson or for even letting a friend borrow your shotgun for a trip to the range. 

And we all know that registration of firearms and firearms purchases is just the first step toward gun CONFISCATION further down the road. 

This bill is extremely dangerous and the DFL is working very hard to get the votes to pass this legislation once and for all


Click here or on the button below and tell your Reps and Senators you want them to VOTE NO on Statewide Gun Registration, no matter how the bill is written!

There’s no other way to put this…

Our Second Amendment is in peril and right now it’s a mad brawl in St Paul to see who will be victorious when this is done. 

In the next few days, MGR will be unveiling our plan to spend nearly $100,000 over the next month in targeted ads, text messages, radio ads, email drives and more to put pressure on the weakest members of the Senate DFL who will be the deciding vote on this and other gun control legislation. 

If we don’t fight, if we don’t spend BIG, we lose. It’s as simple as that. 

If there was EVER a time to make your largest possible contribution to this battle, NOW is that time

Nobody is coming to fight for us. Not the NRA. Not GOA. Not FPC. Not NAGR. Not SAF. And the groups that are here, like the MNGOC, are selling you out in St Paul faster than I can write these emails. 

If we win, it will be because the MGR army put the fear of God into the weakest members of the Minnesota Senate DFL and shut this all down!

So after you’ve signed against this legislation, DONATE to our cause and we will HAMMER the Senate for you

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr,
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights