Gun Control in St Paul AND D.C. Announced

Time is very short. 

Last week, Senate Democrats in Minnesota held a press conference announcing a whole host of new gun control proposals, promising to enact them in the wake of the Uvalde, TX shooting. 

And just today, the news is breaking NATIONWIDE that the U.S. Senate Republicans reaching a deal on gun control with Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden

While the proposed bill has a lot of different gun control in it, it appears the main portion is all about enacting RED FLAG Gun Confiscation laws to allow your firearms to be taken from you without so much as a day in court! 

Minnesota Gun Rights and our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, are working together and quickly moving to roll out our “Emergency Gun Control Opposition” plan to put the breaks on these threats against our freedom! 

But I need your help now. This is an emergency.

Let me be clear, Minnesota Gun Rights is spending YOUR money hand over fist right now on digit, targeted social media, direct mail, mas email deploys and more to STOP everything that’s happening in our state and in our country but we need more resources.

Bloomberg’s pack of hyenas are spending HUGE money right now to put pressure on the Senate to see this gun control become law and we need to spend BIG on our mobilization programs to stop it!

>> Give $25 to the Fight <<  

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We’ll break the entire proposed bill down in the next couple of days when we have more information, as well as provide links for you to put pressure on D.C. politicians who are selling us out. 

Thank you for standing with us in this fight, keep your powder dry and let’s fight like hell.  

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights