Last week I warned you about a back-door gun-control bill that is trying to be snuck through the Minnesota Legislature by radical anti-gun Senator Ron Latz.

As I reported to you at that time, sources indicated to me that Senator Latz was wanting to use this bill as a framework from which to launch a much more comprehensive attack against your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Sadly, I was correct.

If you haven’t signed your petition opposing SF1289, I hope you’ll do so further down below.

You see, not only would SF1289 turn virtually every clergyman, doctor, nurse and counselor in Minnesota into anti-gun activists who want you to disarm yourself, this bill would also introduce the “ex parte” hearings process into Minnesota.

That’s because Senator Latz is calling for the establishment of “Red Flag Orders” here in Minnesota that would allow anyone to petition a court to restrict your gun-rights based on their say-so alone.

Please understand what an “ex parte” hearing means: there is absolutely no guarantee that you will be present at the very hearing that may result in the termination of your Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

You would literally have more rights to due-process if you were charged with running a stop sign than you would defending your Constitutionally-guaranteed, 2nd Amendment rights if Senator Latz’s “Red Flag Orders” bill becomes law.

And not only are you not guaranteed to be present to make a defense against spurious charges, but the individual trying to make these spurious charges can use almost ANY type of behavior against you.

Imagine this: a vindictive former spouse, looking to gin up a case for divorce court, could claim virtually ANY kind of behavior as “threatening” or “abusive,” and you could be facing police at your front door demanding you turn over your guns – with no guarantees of ever getting them back.

This bill is extremely dangerous for gun owners, and the ramifications are almost incomprehensible.

That’s why over the weekend I led several teams of volunteers going door to door to thousands of homes in St. Louis Park and Hopkins, EXPOSING Senator Latz’s policies of destruction to his constituents!

But we aren’t about to stop there. Gun-control like this has our full and complete attention.

As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Latz’s position has incredible influence statewide, as legislation that passes through his committee has statewide effect.

So no matter where you live in Minnesota, please take a moment to sign the petition to Senator Latz DEMANDING he stop his political attacks against gun-owners!

I’m hopeful you will.

After you’ve signed your petition, I also hope you’ll consider a generous contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights.

Whether you can afford $100, $70, $35 or even just $15, please consider doing so right away.

Thank you for standing up for our Rights.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Senate File 1289 by Senator Ron Latz would destroy your Right to Due Process by introducing “ex parte” hearings into Minnesota. Ex parte” hearings would enable a vindictive romantic partner to have your Constitutionally guaranteed 2nd Amendment Rights taken away without you even being present to defend yourself in court.

With the Legislature feverishly cutting backroom deals to ensure that the budget bills make it through, our Gun-Rights are never safe from the table of compromise.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign this petition to Senator Latz DEMANDING he kill this bill.

When you’ve signed the petition, I hope you’ll forward this email to your friends and ask them to do the same.

And if you can, please send us your most generous contribution to help us continue mobilizing gun owners against this gun-control bill. Whether you can afford $100, $70, $35 or even just $15, please send it right away.