You’re Nothing but a “Low Information Activist.”

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Ever since Minnesota Gun Rights was born, we’ve lived by a moral and political code.

“No Compromise”

No compromise on our right to self-defense. No compromise on our right to life. No compromise in our fight to save our country, the greatest Republic the world has ever seen.

It seems such a simple concept on the face of it, but to maintain that in American and Minnesota politics is to bring down the wrath of those who control our government, of those who seek to control ALL the POWER.

That is what is happening right now in Minnesota.

We’re never been a Democrat group. We’ve never been a Republican group. Our FIRST loyalty in politics is to the Second Amendment herself. Our second and last loyalty is to you, the members of Minnesota Gun Rights.

And it is because of this unbending principal and the truths that we have uncovered and revealed in St Paul over the last 7 years that we are now in the greatest fight of our political lives.

Republican Senate Majority “Leader” Paul Gazelka and GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan have launched a full scale, statewide attack on the members of Minnesota Gun Rights and several other conservative Pro-Trump groups.

In a statewide email on Friday, Feb 21st, Jennifer Carnahan ATTACKED Minnesota Gun Rights supporters and said that you are “Low Information Activists” that are easily manipulated.

She went on to say that  “Any outside group or entity that tries to use OUR activists… will not be accepted by our party.”

She rounds off her email by calling for “unity” in the grassroots… right after she spits in their face and treats them as brainless, stupid, incompetent hicks who are too dumb to make up their own minds or to understand the truth when they see it.

In this email Carnahan revealed a new website, built with your tax dollars, that is solely designed to try to convince everyday Minnesotans that the members of Minnesota Gun Rights are a SCAM!

Later that day, RINO Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka took more time out of his taxpayer funded day to shoot a video for the Senate Republican Facebook page arrogantly promoting their new scammy website.

Why, you might ask yourself? Why on earth would Republicans be attacking conservatives? Shouldn’t that be the Democrats?!

Let me explain.

Because we are not willing to bow the knee to corrupt politicians in St Paul, on either side of the aisle, we’ve become the most hated organization in Minnesota politics.

You see, as a lobbyist in St Paul, you’re expected to show up to the capitol, glad hand politicians, pat them on the back and tell them what a wonderful job they’re doing and then get down on your knees and beg them to do what you want.

You’re not supposed to tell the truth. You’re not supposed to tell the “low information activists” all the dirty secrets and total degeneracy of what goes on in those halls.

If you do, they will crush you. Or at least, they will try.

Ben Dorr has NEVER done that. Ben Dorr has never “kissed the ring” in St Paul. Ben Dorr has never betrayed the people.

But Paul Gazelka has. The slimy politicians have!

You see, in their recent attacks on this organization and others, they invoke the name of our President Trump and say that if you don’t support THEM then you couldn’t possibly support our President!

But let’s consider a few facts.

Everybody knows that our legislature is LOADED with Never-Trumpers and RINOs who are desperately trying to latch on to the incredible success that President Trump has had in turning our country around and exposing the swamp!

But the fact is, most of these Republican politicians in St Paul don’t have the fortitude to tie President Trump’s shoes, much less act or fight like him.

You see:

1)    President Trump is working to build the wall and stop the influx of illegal aliens into America.

Here in Minnesota, Republican politicians like Paul Gazelka passed funding for the fraud laden CCAP program, a program that is allowing Somalis to send hundreds of MILLIONS of Minnesota tax dollars over seas to directly fund terrorism in Yemen and other middle eastern countries.

2)    President Trump stripped the Title 9 funding from abortion clinics and is standing up for life.

Here in Minnesota, nearly EVERY Republican politician in St Paul, including Paul Gazelka, voted to fund Planned Parenthood and the death of 10,000 babies a year with your tax dollars when they voted for Senate File 2 on May 25, 2017.

Paul Gazelka and the Senate Republicans went on to fund abortion AGAIN when they voted for Senate File 12 on May 24, 2019.

3)    President Trump is standing up and FIGHTING against the radical left, condemning the likes of Ilhan Omar.

Here in Minnesota, the GOP as a party and the politicians themselves run in terror and wouldn’t be caught dead opposing the radical Democrats, for fear of being called racists!

4)    President Trump is exposing and attacking the liberal, fake news media and condemning them for their lies, half truths and hatred for American values.

Here in Minnesota, Paul Gazelka and the GOP do everything they can possibly do to placate the media. They’d rather attack grassroots conservatives than have the Minneapolis Star Tribune write a negative story about them. They run in fear!

5)    President Trump has passed some of the largest tax cuts in American history and is increasing job growth and prosperity nationwide.

Here in Minnesota, Paul Gazelka and the Senate GOP have blown our taxes through the roof by increasing the growth of government by over TWELVE BILLION dollars to fund metro city welfare programs, Planned Parenthood and CCAP fraud.

These horrendous GOP fiscal policies are obliterating small businesses and driving small business owners and retirees of our beautiful state in record numbers because fewer and fewer people can afford to retire or do business here.  

I could go on and on.

You see, Paul Gazelka doesn’t act like President Trump. He doesn’t even act like a real Republican!

Instead, he attacks “Ben Dorr” and the organizations that I work for in a desperate attempt to STOP the truth from getting out.

 >>>    They attack “Ben Dorr” because I exposed the Senate GOP’s support for gun control. (Paul Anderson, Scott Jensen, SF3279)

>>>    They attack “Ben Dorr” because I exposed Paul Gazelka and the GOP’s total betrayal and refusal to advance the Second Amendment even though they’ve had majorities for 4 years!

>>>    They attack “Ben Dorr” because I exposed Paul Gazelka and the GOP’s votes to fund Planned Parenthood and the death of 10,000 babies PER YEAR with our tax dollars.

>>>    They attack “Ben Dorr” because I exposed their votes to fund the CCAP fraud that is seeing Minnesota tax dollars used to fund terrorism overseas! When the news broke about the fraud in 2018, Paul Gazelka and the Senate GOP came back in 2019 and FUNDED it again!

They attack “Ben Dorr” and Minnesota Gun Rights because… well… we told the truth.

We shined the blaring light of truth into the dark and corrupt halls of the capitol building in St Paul and exposed the real nature of Minnesota politics.

And in a political system built on lies, half truths and spin, the truth is heresy.

But you see, it’s not about ‘Ben Dorr,’ no matter how much Paul Gazelka tries to spin it that way, no matter how many scammy websites he creates with your money.

The truth is, it is YOU they want to control.

It’s YOU whose freedom they want to take, whose guns they want to confiscate, who’s tax dollars they want to fleece and whose very way of life they want to dominate destroy.

But Minnesota Gun Rights is standing in the way.  

In just two days, the Minnesota House will be bringing Red Flag Gun Seizures and Universal Gun Registration to the floor for a vote.

MGR members have already sent in over 80,000 emails in opposition!

Yet just this morning, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka went on statewide radio NOT to condemn the Democrats in the House, NOT to condemn the gun control bills, NOT to stand boldly for gun owners and our Minnesota way of life…

… No, Gazelka went on statewide radio to attack and condemn the best Minnesotans, the best patriots and the voters who gave him his majority in the first place, the members of Minnesota Gun Rights.

Because what Paul Gazelka and Jennifer Carnahan want more than anything is protect THEIR power and control!

Ben Dorr and Minnesota Gun Rights, at the core, are returning the power of Minnesota politics to the people of Minnesota who have been kicked in the teeth for decades by the politicians and THAT is the great threat to them, THAT is the reason they are so committed to seeing you, me and this organization destroyed!

Don’t let them.

Fight back!

Take action NOW by going to the bottom of this message, contacting Paul Gazelka and the members of the GOP Executive Committee with the information provided and tell them to APOLOGIZE for attacking pro-life, pro-gun and pro-Trump conservatives!

Tell Paul Gazelka and the Executive Committee that their foolish and corrupt attack on this organization is doing nothing but tearing the grassroots apart and hurting President Trump’s chances of winning Minnesota.

Tell them that their arrogance and lust for power is putting Minnesota at risk of a total Democrat takeover and that they must STOP these attacks and start FIGHTING for our freedom again!

And if you’re not a member, just us now and stand proudly for your Second Amendment rights

Stand proudly for your heritage, for your kids and grandkids and for the future generations of Minnesota.

Don’t let politicians on either side of the aisle run roughshod over you or treat you like a fool! Don’t let them lie and spin you into a corner with their betrayals and fake news websites.


For Minnesota, 

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Use the contact information below and tell them to STOP tearing the grassroots apart! Tell them to STOP attacking conservative Minnesotans and start acting like REPUBLICANS again before they give this state to the metro socialists who want to destroy our state.


Senate Paul Gazelka
Phone: 651-724-5596
Phone2: 651-296-7891
Email: [email protected]

Chair – Jennifer Carnahan
Phone: 612-916-4668
Email: [email protected]
Email2: [email protected]

Treasurer – Bron Scherer
Phone: 507-649-1903
Email: [email protected]

Secretary – Barb Sutter
Phone: 952-201-9625
Email: [email protected]

Committeeman – Rick Rice
Phone: 612-272-7676
Email: [email protected]

Committeewoman – Janet Beinhoffer
Phone: 952-994-4478
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Chair – Carleton Crawford
Phone: 612-384-0356
Email: [email protected]

CD1 – Gary Steuart
Phone: 507-272-8715
Email: [email protected]

CD2 – Jeff Schuette
Phone: 651-283-6975
Email: [email protected]

CD3 – Patti Meier
Phone: 763-567-1926
Email: [email protected]

CD4 – Tim Johnson
Phone: 651-206-4763
Email: [email protected]

CD5 – Paul Anderson
Phone: N/A
Email: N/A

CD6 – Frank Long
Phone: 612-202-8789
Email: [email protected]

CD7 – Bill Nichol
Phone: 701-238-5211
Email: [email protected]

CD8 – Connie Thorp
Phone: 651-470-2530
Email: [email protected]

Mike Vekich, Financial Controls Committee
Phone: 952-929-3128
Email: [email protected]

Kevin Magnuson, Financial Controls Committee
Phone: 651-208-2508
Email: [email protected].
Second Email: [email protected]