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For Immediate Release:

Chris Dorr
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Minnesota Gun Rights
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Minnesota Gun Rights Calls On All Pro-Gun Stakeholders to Unite Behind Constitutional Carry Law in 2017.

Northfield, January 16, 2017 – In letters sent out on January 4, 2017 to all of the pro-gun groups in Minnesota and the offices of legislative leadership in the Minnesota Legislature, Minnesota Gun Rights Executive Director Chris Dorr called on the leaders of the various organizations to unite behind a common pro-gun agenda for the 2017 session of the Minnesota Legislature.

“Governor Dayton will only pass a substantive pro-gun bill if he knows the Minnesota Legislature, NRA, Minnesota Gun Rights, Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance and the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus are all unified in their pursuit of Constitutional Carry,” Dorr wrote.

“Constitutional Carry is easy. Already law in 11 states, it’s the simple idea if you’re legal to own a gun you’re legal to carry it. No taxes, no government permission to exercise a right. Period,” said Dorr.

North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio are all considering Constitutional Carry in the 2017 sessions of their respective state legislatures.

Coming off the smashing success of the 2016 election cycle where gun owners all across the state went after anti-gun members of the Minnesota Senate for their votes against Constitutional Carry, which resulted in a flip of the Minnesota Senate majority party, Dorr said now is the time to pass broad, sweeping pro-gun reforms.

“Gun owners in Minnesota are sick and tired of a piecemeal approach to the Second Amendment, being handed a basket of crumbs every now and then to keep gun owners on bended knee, begging politicians for their gun rights back,” said Dorr.

“Constitutional Carry is what helped remove Senators Skoe and Koenen from the Minnesota Senate after they voted against it. Constitutional Carry is on the move all across the country and it’s time ALL gun owners and associated organizations get behind this legislation” Dorr continued.

Minnesota Gun Rights urged all pro-gun citizens, advocates, organizations and legislators to coalesce around Constitutional Carry. “It’s a big tent, and we want everyone in the pro-gun community in Minnesota to come on in and help us get this through the legislature,” Dorr concluded.


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