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Feb 1, 2019

Gun Rights Organization Plans Gun Rally in State Capitol in Response to Unprecedented Attack on the Second Amendment from Lawmakers

“Smug DFL lawmakers in the metro have convinced themselves that they can take a battering ram to our gun rights and that gun owners in Minnesota will simply accept it. Gun owners know different. We will hold legislators accountable from International Falls to Worthington!” – Benjamin Dorr, Political Director, Minnesota Gun Rights

(St. Paul, Minnesota) – Minnesota Gun Rights will be holding a rally for the Second Amendment at the State Capitol this weekend, as they work to mobilize gun owners from around the state in opposition to a large number of gun control bills moving in St. Paul.

“Senator Latz and a host of DFL members in the House are doing their best to make criminals out of tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners here in Minnesota with their crazy gun control agenda. This rally will remind their legislative members, especially in the Iron Range and Southern Minnesota, that gun owners will hold them accountable,” said Benjamin Dorr, Political Director of Minnesota Gun Rights, a Northfield based non-profit.

The gun rights group is sounding the alarm over SF 434/HF 8 and SF 436/HF 9 in particular.

“Red flag gun seizures legislation won’t stop a committed murderer but would allow gun owners to have their firearms confiscated before ever setting foot in court, and before the gun owner has been charged or convicted of anything. That’s unconstitutional and un-American, but par for the course from people like Senator Latz,” Dorr continued.

The organization is well known for their legislative and election era mobilization programs that have exposed anti-gun lawmakers who were later removed from office by gun owners.

“Senator Rod Skoe, Senator Lyle Koenen, Representative Morgan – legislators had better remember these FORMER lawmakers who were booted out of office by mobilized gun owners, before they vote against our freedoms. We will have the last word,” Dorr concluded.

The rally is taking place in the Capitol rotunda this Saturday (February 2,) at 12:00pm, and is open to the public.