Democrats Have Taken Control of Minnesota

By now you’ve heard the news. 

On Tuesday night, Tim Walz retained the Governor’s mansion, Democrats kept the MN House of Representatives, and worst of all, Democrats took control of the Minnesota Senate. 

That means, going into 2023, Democrats have the entire government trifecta and will be trying to pass California-style gun control legislation like Red Flag Gun Confiscations and Statewide Gun Registration, and even bans on semi-auto firearms like we saw last session!


This is the biggest fight we’ve ever faced, Christy.

For the first time in a decade, we face the very real threat of the radical left successfully ramming gun control into law.

Many pundits think that Minnesota will be just like Virginia when it flipped in 2019 and Governor Ralph Northam passed nearly every gun control bill imaginable into existence.

But Minnesota has what Virginia never had… a vicious and FIERCE political fighting force of local gun owners and members of Minnesota Gun Rights who have stopped these bills time and time again and brutally punished anti-gun politicians who stood in our way.

In Virginia, gun groups were so weak and tepid that even REPUBLICANS voted for those gun control bills, having no fear of political reprisal from 2A voters.  

That’s not the case in Minnesota.

Here’s the reality on the ground:

Democrats have a ONE seat majority in the Senate. One.

Yes, most of the Senate DFL are a bunch of backwards thinking Regressive leftists from the inner city, but some are in VERY vulnerable districts in the suburbs and in the Iron Range.

If these Democrats want to keep their new-found power, they’d be fools to vote against the members and supporters of one of the largest and most feared state-level gun rights organizations in America.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to help us prepare for the biggest fight of our lives.

1. DONATE. I know we just passed the elections. I know times are hard. But there’s a political war coming like we haven’t seen before and if we lose, that’s it. It takes money to win.

2. SIGN UP five of your closest friends or family members to get Minnesota Gun Rights emails going forward. This is how we get critical information out about gun control bills, politicians who are standing in our way and ACTION ITEMS for gun owners to take to help us stop this agenda in St Paul.

3. SHARE this email with everybody you know in Minnesota. We can’t have anyone sitting on the sidelines this time around.

The fact is, we need to grow, fast.

Nobody is going to help us win in Minnesota. Not the NRA. Not GOA. Not SAF or FPC. Most federal groups are good at claiming easy victories, but they lack the staying power for the long-term, bare-knuckle brawl that is required to win.

But that’s MGR’s specialty!

In the days ahead, I’ll be sending out links with direct-connect emails to our new House and Senate members in St Paul and asking you to HAMMER them with opposition to their new agenda.

In the days ahead, I’ll be asking you to renew your membership for the new year and give us the resources needed to win this do-or-die fight.

In the days ahead, if we stick together and fight as an impenetrable unit, we will win.

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights