Can you look at this for me?

I’m pressed for time right now, so this email will be short.

The good news is that after our previous email explaining MGR’s financial situation heading into the end of the quarter while incurring big legal fees as we fight with Joe Biden in Federal Circuit Court, and in St Paul, many of you have stepped up!

The bad news is that we are still $9,472 under where I thought we’d be at the end of the 2nd Quarter.

The very last thing I want to do is pull ANY of the programs that we have running to stop Biden’s gun control agenda in Congress, stop the St Paul Democrat’s next round of gun control, or our legal attack in court!

But if I can’t find a way to close this fundraising gap, I may be forced to. That’s why I hope you can make a donation today!

Thanks to the relentless pressure of grassroots gun owners, Joe Biden hasn’t been able to ban our AR-15s, register gun owners, or pass a national ‘Red Flag’ law.

But we can’t stop Biden’s Executive Orders with grassroots pressure, for that we need to fight in court!

And in the wake of the Bruen decision, there’s never been a better time for that. But with our fundraising numbers coming in far short of our projections, I need your help right away.

The end of the second quarter ends tomorrow! Please made a donation before then!

Thank you, in advance, for giving us the ammo we need to fight for you in Congress, in court, and in St Paul!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights