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Today, Universal Background Checks becomes law in Minnesota.

This will effectively outlaw private party sales for guns in Minnesota, requiring a background check for nearly every purchase or transfer – a law that not one of Walz’ thugs in the cities will abide by.

Red Flag laws go into effect January 1st. 

How did this happen?

The answer to that question rests with the MNGOP.

The MNGOP is one of the most corrupt and incompetent Republican bodies in the entire country.

Over the last 7 years, under the failed “leadership” of former Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and former House Speaker Kurt Daudt, the MNGOP killed Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry, even when the GOP controlled both chambers of the legislature.

When Gazelka was Senate Majority Leader, he went on state-wide radio and called Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry laws “extreme” and said he had no intention of passing them.

More than that, party “leadership” wasted an outrageous amount of time and money attacking Minnesota Gun Rights members and supporters, doing attack posts on social media, creating goofy websites and more.

This tactic had two effects:

The first, was that it grew MGR’s support base in a massive way as gun owners across the state got sick and tired of the GOP attacking conservative voters and they also knew that MGR was truly fighting for them.

The second, was that it turned off pro-gun voters who would otherwise have likely gone to the polls and carried Minnesota for the GOP in past elections.

Such incompetence is staggering.

And it begs several questions:

  1. When the GOP had the political power, why didn’t they use it to highlight criminal gang activity in MSP?
  2. When the GOP had the political power, why didn’t they condemn the DFL for their support of the rioters, looters and thugs that made international news?
  3. When the GOP had the political power, why didn’t they go after Tim Walz for his support of gun control like MGR was doing?
  4. When the GOP had the political power, why didn’t they pass pro-gun bills and give gun owners a reason to get out and vote?

The sad fact is that the MNGOP state party, with shockingly few exceptions, is full of dolts who don’t know the first thing about leadership, running a state or winning elections.

In the end, the DFL were shown, with clear evidence, that the GOP was NOT a formidable opponent and would NOT try to stop their attacks on the Second Amendment (as well as a dozen other issues) and they passed these two gun control bills.

But the team at Minnesota Gun Rights refuses to take all this sitting down and we will continue fighting tooth and nail against these laws, Tim Walz’ agenda, future gun control proposals and both parties, if/when they attack gun owners again.

Red Flags and Statewide Background Checks are just the first in a litany of laws the Left wants to pass in Minnesota and we’re going to give them hell every step of the way and make sure they pay at election time.

Join us today and help us wage this political war in St Paul!

Finally, if you’re a fearless, fighting Conservative who is sick and tired of weak cowards in St Paul, and want to run for office in 2024 and 2026, please reach out to us!   

Today is a tough day but we’ll win again. Keep the faith and keep up the fight.

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights