BREAKING: Major Gun Control Introduced in MN!

We knew this day would arrive; it was only a matter of “when.”

Radical, anti-gun Bloomberg puppet, Rep. Dave Pinto, just introduced H.F. 14, a socialist takeover bill known as Universal Background Checks.

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“Universal Background Checks”, is nothing more than code for Statewide Gun Registration and I’ll tell you why.

Under Universal Background Checks:

Every single firearms transfer would be required to go through a NICS background check before giving or even LENDING that firearm to a friend of family member — or you’d be a felon.

So if you wanted to give your wife a pistol for self-defense, you’d have to take her down to an FFL or the local sheriff’s office and run a background check, ON YOUR OWN WIFE, before being forced to transfer that firearm into her name — or you’d be a felon.

If you wanted to give an old army rifle to your grandson who is coming of age, you’d be a FELON for the “crime” of not running a background check on your grandson and transferring the firearm into his name.

But it gets worse.

Not only does this apply when giving a firearm to a trusted family member or close friend, under Universal Background Checks, even loaning a shotgun to your best friend for a weekend hunting trip without first running a background check and transferring the firearm into their name would make you GUILTY, under this law.

We all know what the real agenda is here.

Universal Background Checks is nothing more than a massive statewide gun registration scheme designed to tell Tim Walz and Joe Biden’s Feds who owns guns and where they live.

And we all know that gun registration leads to full blown gun CONFISCATION!


So sign your official petition OPPOSING Statewide Gun Registration in Minnesota!

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This is a major fight and we need all hands on deck.

Our allies tell us a Senate companion bill to H.F. 14 will be coming very shortly and we know that House and Senate Democrats will be ramping up a massive push to make 2023 the year that Minnesota gets gun registration written right into state code.

The fact is, politicians in St Paul are feeling a tremendous surge in confidence that they can make their gun control dreams come true over the next 2 years since the DFL took control of the Senate in Nov!

But they’ve got a big problem.

They’re running smack dab into the biggest and nastiest state level gun rights organization in America and we are RUTHLESS in the defense of our Second Amendment rights!

So sign your official petition against this garbage legislation right away and help us STOP Universal Gun Registration in Minnesota!

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But fights like this aren’t cheap.

We’re going to be waging a months-long political battle to defeat this legislation and we’re going up against Bloomberg-funded gun control organizations and the America-hating media, so please consider making an EMERGENCY contribution to help us save our Second Amendment!!

I don’t know what you can afford, but Representative Dave Pinto and his cohorts are going to do everything in their power to pass this legislation and we need to make sure they understand that if they touch our beautiful Second Amendment, they’re going to have BIG problems in the 2024 and 2026 elections!

So whether you can make a major investment of $250 or $500, or if $100, $50 or $25 is more in line with your budget right now, I just ask that you be as generous as you can.

We’ve defeated this legislation before and we can do it again.

Stand with us. Sign your petition now!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr,
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Radical socialist Rep. Dave Pinto has just introduced H.F. 14, Michael Bloomberg’s Statewide Gun Registration bill, in the Minnesota House!

Minnesota Gun Rights is revving up for a massive push back to SHUT THIS BILL DOWN!

Please take a moment and sign your official petition AGAINST H.F. 14, so that your legislators know you want this bill stopped, no matter what.

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After that, please consider making an EMERGENCY contribution to help us mobilize more gun owners to this fight!