Bloomberg Spending BIG in Minnesota!


With just weeks to go until the end of the 2018 legislative session, anti-gunners are pulling out all the stops to pass Bloomberg’s radical agenda for Minnesota.

Bloomberg and his anti-gun pals are UNLOADING around $160,000 in sponsored video ads like the one below, all designed to put pressure on weak legislators to pass Universal Background Checks and Red Flags Orders bills!

They’re also pouring in manpower, hosting events and planning massive programs for the upcoming elections – if they don’t get their way this legislative session.

Site, if Bloomberg succeeds, everything from statewide gun registration to an “assault weapons” ban and Red Flags orders will be shoved down the throats of law-abiding Minnesota gun owners!

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action to help Minnesota Gun Rights pour an avalanche of pressure on the legislature in these last couple weeks of the legislative session.

There’s no time to waste.

All session long we’ve been in a choke hold with the legislature, bombarding them with pressure to hold back the tidal wave of gun control that’s been rushing over us.

In the final hours of this legislative session, insiders are telling us that MORE gun control is in the works, a wretched deal cast between anti-gun radicals and so-called “pro-gun” legislators like Paul Anderson in an attempt to give political cover in the upcoming elections.

We’re in the battle of our lives and nothing short of the Second Amendment is at stake.

That’s the battle Bloomberg and his anti-gun cronies are spending BIG to win, so they can finally RAM through a laundry list of anti-gun schemes, including:

*** So-called “Universal Background Checks” (aka STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION).

The ONLY way government can enforce such a scheme is to keep track of all guns and gun owners in the state.

And as you and I both know, registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION!

*** A statewide “Assault Weapons Ban,” targeting handguns, rifles and shotguns — even those used for hunting — based on certain cosmetic features;

*** Red Flags Orders, a bill that would strip a gun owner of his gun rights on simple hearsay and through ex parte hearings, meaning you don’t get to defend yourself or even be in the room when your gun rights are stripped from you!

That’s why your immediate action is so critical!

Please click on this link to our Action Center and send our PRE-WRITTEN message to your lawmakers telling them to hold the line for gun owners and dispatch ALL gun control with extreme prejudice.

The truth is, Minnesota has long been a top target for Bloomberg and his anti-gun pals.

After the horrific Parkland murders early this year, the gun-grabbers RAMMED massive anti-gun schemes into law in both Florida and Vermont.

In Bloomberg’s mind, Minnesota is supposed to be the next domino to fall.

But so far, you and I have held back this storm.

But with gun-grabbers dumping in $160,000 in video ads, in addition to his on-the-ground staff, I have to respond!

I have to do more than ever.

But as it stands right now, I’m running out of resources to keep Minnesota Gun Rights’ full-scale legislative program going, especially as we gear up for the 2018 election season.

So can I please count on your IMMEDIATE action?

Will you please agree to a last-minute contribution of $100 — or even $250 if you can afford it?

I know that’s a lot.

But you and I are facing an EMERGENCY.

If Bloomberg is able to coerce enough weak-kneed legislators with the pressure generated by his online media storm or if Speaker Daudt follows through with his backroom gun-control talks, all bets are off.

You and I are facing the biggest gun control assault in Minnesota history.

It’s that serious.

But if $250 or $100 is too much to ask for right now, please agree to $50 or at least $25.

Site, with time running out, our backs are against the wall.

Without your support, I’m afraid Bloomberg could get his wish — and Minnesota could be transformed into another anti-gun “utopia” like New York or California.

Please act right away.

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $250, $100 or at least $50 or $25 at once!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director

Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Bloomberg and his anti-gun pals are UNLOADING around $160,000 in video ads to mobilize anti-gun forces to pressure our weak legislature into passing gun-control before session ends!

And many so-called “pro-gun” legislators are looking to compromise, as we’ve already seen.

If Bloomberg succeeds, everything from statewide gun registration to an “assault weapons” ban and Red Flags Orders could be shoved down the throats of law-abiding Minnesotans!

That’s why I’m asking you to click on this link and send a PRE-WRITTEN message to your legislator telling them HECK NO on any and all gun control.

With the fight white hot in St Paul right now, please agree to an EMERGENCY contribution of $250, $100, $50 or at least $25 TODAY to help us keep are programs running full tilt!

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