You’ve heard the phrase “The best defense is a good offense” and it’s never been more true than in the fight for the Second Amendment!

That’s why I wanted to make sure you heard that pro-gun rock star Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced H.R. 3960, a bill to defund and dismantle the ATF, ripping out its teeth and taking away the ATF’s ability to terrorize law-abiding Americans!

This bill is rock-solid!

How do I know? Because we at Minnesota Gun Rights helped write the bill with MTG’s team.

Fact is, the best way to force the Left on defense is by hammering on pro-gun bills like H.R. 3960, so take a moment to read the email below and then send a PRE-WRITTEN email to your Congressman insisting they support MTG’s effort to DISBAND the ATF!


It’s well past time for the GOP Congressional delegation in Minnesota to STAND UP AND FIGHT for you and me.

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— Ben

There may have been a time when gun owners thought that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) served a legitimate role in the federal government, helping to arrest violent criminals and dangerous gang members.

But those days are long gone!

These days, we all know that the ATF is nothing more than the personal attack dog for Democratic Presidents like Barack Obama and now Joe Biden, spending their days attacking the Second Amendment and harassing law-abiding gun owners.

 The ATF can’t be reformed, and they can’t be fixed. They need to be shut down and forever disbanded.

That’s why the American Firearms Association — our national affiliate — is proud to announce that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has just introduced our legislation to ELIMINATE THE ATF!

<<< Help Us Eliminate the ATF! >>>

Everyone remembers how Obama and Eric Holder allowed the ATF to give THOUSANDS of fully automatic firearms to the Mexican Drug Cartels through their infamous Operation Fast and Furious — a terrible idea that led to the deaths of hundreds of people!

One of those deaths was Brian Terry, a former Marine and decorated U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent, who was murdered with a gun that was put into the hands of violent criminals by the ATF!

But as dangerous as the ATF is to the Second Amendment and gun owners right now, things will get FAR WORSE if David Chipman is confirmed as the next Director of the ATF.

Chipman, who is receiving a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee today, wants to use the ATF to ATTACK gun owners and go door-to-door trying to confiscate our AR-15’s!

<<< Help Us Eliminate the ATF! >>>

When passed into law, H.R. 3960 will:

>>> Require the ATF to publish a list of every firearm they have confiscated and sell them to the American people through a public auction!

>>> Disperse the money from the sale of these firearms to the families of border patrol agents killed in the line of duty as a result of Operation Fast and Furious!

>>> Immediately repeal all ATF regulations and permanently rescind their hiring authority, shifting their regulatory functions back to the FBI!


Eliminating the ATF is the ONLY WAY to fix them. They hate the Second Amendment, they despise law-abiding gun owners, they clearly think they are above the law, and their actions have resulted in the death of HUNDREDS of people via Fast and Furious.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed the bill for the American Firearms Association and Minnesota Gun Rights. Now it’s time that Minnesota’s Congressional members stand with her and cosponsor this vital legislation!  

Send your Congressman this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL today, insisting that they support this bill and send a message that the ATF’s time is OVER!

<<< Help Us Eliminate the ATF! >>>

Our freedom is under attack in a way that Americans haven’t experienced in hundreds of years. The tyrants of our Founding Father’s era were called ‘Red Coats,’ and they worked for a king thousands of miles away.

These days, they are called ‘ATF Agents’ and they work for a tyrant in our own government, sitting in our own White House!

Groups like the American Firearms Association and Minnesota Gun Rights are leading the charge to confront this evil tyranny with legislation like this.

And I hope that you will join us in this fight.

After you’ve contacted your Congressman, please send us the most generous donation that you can to keep us fighting for you!

The enemies of freedom have a limitless budget, given to them from Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and many others. To be blunt, we need your immediate help to push for this legislation.

Our children and grandchildren are either going to inherit an America where ‘We the People’ are in charge of our government, or an America where the government rules over us by force and fear.

If we lose our precious Second Amendment freedoms — our very right to defend ourselves — then we’re just a step away from outright tyranny!

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This is our country! Fight for it! Now is the time!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has just introduced Minnesota Gun Rights’ Eliminate the ATF Act, which would close the doors of the ATF forever!