Anti-Gun Vote TODAY – Contact Your Senator!

This is urgent. Please read the entire email, then take action TODAY to help stop Dangerous ID.

The State Senate has scheduled a vote on House File (HF) 3, the Dangerous ID bill, for TODAY!

As we’ve told you before, legislative leadership has used every trick in the book to cram through Dangerous ID.

From bullying legislators and streamlining the committee process, to lying to gun owners and threatening to shut down airports in Minnesota, legislative leadership has been on a rampage to force through DANGEROUS ID.

These threats – if successful – will be repeated in the future to force Minnesotans into giving away more of their freedoms to bureaucrats in Washington.

That is why I need you to call your State Senator today and tell them to vote NO on House File 3, the Dangerous ID bill.

You can find your Senator by clicking here.

Why do the politicians and bureaucrats want Dangerous ID so badly?

Because it gives them new ways to track, trace and register peaceful, law-abiding Minnesotans.

Under Dangerous ID,

 >>> A single bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. – the Secretary of Homeland Security – can mandate a Dangerous ID to purchase firearms, ammunition, etc. ARBITRARILY.

 >>> All driver’s license data will be placed into a national database that can be accessed by political hacks or identity thieves anywhere in the country.

Under an anti-gun administration, this would spell disaster for our gun rights.

It’s clear that Dangerous ID is a giant step towards the gun grabbers’ dream of a statewide and national registry of gun owners.

That’s why we’re seeing such excitement and support for Dangerous ID from notoriously anti-gun State Senators Ron Latz and Dan Schoen.

So please call your State Senator today and tell them to vote NO on HF 3, the Dangerous ID bill!

You can find him or her by clicking here.

As I said, in a future anti-gun administration, an anti-gun Secretary like Al Franken could mandate a Dangerous ID is required to purchase firearms, ammo and virtually anything else he wants.

This will make the so-called “voluntary” compliance mandatory for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans trying to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

So-called pro-gun amendments tacked onto the bill do nothing to prevent this from happening.

To protect our Second Amendment and all other freedoms from further erosion, we must demand that the politicians KILL the bill.

So please call your Senator IMMEDIATELY and tell them to vote NO on House File 3, the Dangerous ID bill!

Time is short. Please call NOW!

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. The State Senate is voting on HF 3, the Dangerous ID bill, TODAY!

This bill is a Pandora’s Box of anti-gun opportunities.

Please click on the link and call your Senator right NOW and tell them to vote NO on HF 3, the Dangerous ID bill.

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