Anti-Gun Vote Results — Keep Up The Pressure!

I just got back from the capitol and I have an exciting update for you.

As you know, Representative Nick Zerwas was working a backroom deal to put the A18 Amendment on SF3019 which would destroy your data privacy rights with health care providers.

If his amendment were to become law, health care providers would be able to share your most sensitive information with any government agencies they see fit.

That includes your medical records, gun ownership, how much money you make per year, and virtually anything you’ve ever told your doctor would be accessible by government agencies to use as they please.

In the last couple days, gun owners POURED on an avalanche of pressure telling the legislature HECK NO on ANY gun control bills of any kind.

Capitol insiders were telling us that the phones were ringing off the hook and that the legislature was “freaking out”.

Minnesota Gun Rights was at the capitol all day to see the outcome of the vote and in the end, it went out with a whimper.

The bill was never brought up for a vote and the amendment was not offered up.

That doesn’t mean this amendment, or any gun-control bill for that matter, is entirely dead.

With only a few days left of the 2018 legislative session anything can happen, so we’ve got to keep the heat on for the last few days!

For all the details of what happened today, please click on this link or the image below to see our update from the capitol!

For now, THANK YOU for all your activism on behalf of the Second Amendment.

Your voices have THUNDERED in the capitol this session and you’ve stopped every gun control bill so far.

But we’ve got to make sure we maintain the pressure so that no gun control slips through in the final hours!

So please consider a contribution to help keep our programs running strong all the way to the end!

Thank you for all your help so far!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

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