Anti-Gun DANGEROUS ID Bill About to Get a Vote!

Computer chips.

Fingerprint scans.

Biometric scanners.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear anti-gun legislators in St Paul talking about centralizing all of our personal information in a new-fashioned Dangerous ID licensing scheme, I get greatly concerned.

That’s what’s happening – TODAY – in St. Paul if you and I don’t act fast!

That’s right, Speaker Kurt Daudt and his anti-gun cronies in the House are about to take up SF3589, the “DANGEROUS ID” Act.

Gun owners across the country have been fighting to oppose this dreadful legislation for years. 

Gun owners know that “DANGEROUS ID” databases will already contain the name, addresses and biometric information – like facial recognition, fingerprints and retinal scans – of every law-abiding Minnesotan.

And of course, that’s just the start.

Being sold by Speaker Daudt and anti-gun legislators all across America as a “convenience,” privacy and Second Amendment advocates alike all agree that the next records to be centralized using DANGEROUS ID technology will be health records and firearms purchasing records!

That’s exactly why notoriously anti-gun state senator Ron Latz and his anti-gun allies in the Senate RAMMED this bill through their chamber only days ago!

They know the implications this has on cracking down on your gun rights!

And that’s exactly why they waited until the final hours of the 2016 session of the Minnesota Legislature to hammer this thing through!

Thankfully, DOZENS of pro-gun senators in the Minnesota Senate stood up against this gun-grabbing scheme.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough and the bill now resides in the Minnesota House.

Our inside sources expect a vote yet today on this anti-gun legislation.

That’s why we need your immediate action to help oppose this dangerous legislation!

Please help fight back in the following ways:

1. >>> Please immediately call, email or Facebook message your state representative and DEMAND that they vote no on SF3589, the DANGEROUS ID Act.

You can find your State Representative here.

Please take a moment to call, email or look them up on Facebook and leave them a message.

2. >>> Please immediately contact Speaker Kurt Daudt and Majority Leader Joyce Peppin and tell them to PULL THIS BILL from further consideration!

Tell them to stand up for gun owners the way the members of the Minnesota Senate did just 5 days ago!

Tell them to stop following Ron Latz’ non-stop agenda to crush gun owners in Minnesota!

Here is their contact information:

Speaker Kurt Daudt
Phone: 651-296-5364
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Comment

Majority Leader Joyce Peppin
Phone: 651-296-7806
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Comment

3. Forward this message on to your friends and family members IMMEDIATELY!

The vote on this bill is going to happen as soon as today.

There is no time to spare – we need EVERY Minnesota gun owner to stand up in opposition to this bill.

Some access based lobby organizations, hopelessly naïve about how politics works in Minnesota, want you to sit back and do nothing in hopes that they can fix this problem via amendments.

But that’s simply foolish. 

Ron Latz, Dan Schoen, Jim Carlson and others know that this is their last stand on attacking the Second Amendment in the 2016 Legislative Session!

Even if the bill could be “improved” with amendments, all it does is makes it easier for the bill to pass and allow legislators to amend our rights away even further in subsequent legislative sessions.

Michael Bloomberg, Ron Latz, Kurt Daudt and their cohorts have done nothing this session but attack gun owners and the Second Amendment.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this.

We are down to the final hours of the 2016 Legislative Session.

We’ve already stopped Universal Gun Registration.

Please take IMMEDIATE action to help stop this legislation too.


Chris Dorr

P.S. After being humiliated at the hands of gun owners by having his gun-control package stopped in the 2016 legislative session, Ron Latz and his allies in the Senate are trying to have the last word by enacting the “DANGEROUS ID” act!

This bill, as Second Amendment advocates and privacy experts across the country have said, is a direct attack on the Second Amendment.

It would make every Minnesotan have to walk around with retinal scans, fingerprints, biometric data and other personal information on their new driver’s licenses.

Help us stop this bill which may receive a vote in the House yet today!

Please contact your legislator IMMEDIATELY and tell them to vote NO against the “DANGEROUS ID” bill.

Then please contact Speaker Kurt Daudt and Majority Leader Joyce Peppin and tell them to PULL THIS BILL!

Speaker Kurt Daudt
Phone: 651-296-5364
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Comment

Majority Leader Joyce Peppin
Phone: 651-296-7806
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Comment

When you’re done, please forward this message to all of your friends and ask them to do the same.

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