ALERT: Gun Control Hearings Announced!

Time is short.

The Minnesota House of Representatives just announced it’s FIRST hearing on gun control for this Friday (8:30am, in Room 120) in the House Public Safety and Finance Policy committee!

The main bills on the docket are;

>>> H.F. 15, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws; which would allow virtually anyone to make the claim that you’re “dangerous” and with no evidence, no day in court, charges, no conviction and no due process at all, you could have your firearms seized by government agents. 

>>> H.F. 14, Statewide Gun Registration; which would require EVERY sale or transfer of a firearm to go through a government background check, making you a FELON for giving a firearm to your spouse for self defense, giving an old rifle to your grandchild for Christmas or even letting a buddy borrow a rifle for deer opener. 

>>> H.F. 396, Forced Government Storage Requirements which would require ALL of your firearms be locked in a state-approved safe, have trigger locks on them and MORE! 

According to many GOP Representatives in St Paul, the Liberals at the so-called “pro-gun” Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus are in full support of this bill and think it will be a nice “compromise” with the Democrats

To that we say HELL NO! There will be NO COMPROMISE on the Second Amendment!

That’s why I need the MGR army to click here or the image below and send our PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Representative telling them to VOTE NO on ALL gun control legislation in every step of the process!

Minnesota Gun Rights won’t stand for these compromises and we will brutally punish any politician who stands against our Second Amendment in the 2024 and 2026 elections! 

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The anti-gun politicians want to destroy this state, confiscate our firearms and turn us into New York. 

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For Freedom,

Ben Dorr,
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights