Adjourned: 2018 Legislative Session Wrap-up Part 1

May 22, 2018

Just before midnight on Sunday evening the gavel fell on the ‘Sine-Die’ motion in the Minnesota legislature, marking the end of the 2018 legislative session.

Being an election year, the members of the House are scurrying home to begin working their districts to ensure they survive the re-election campaigns that each member of the House will face this fall.

For gun owners, the 2018 session was the worst assault on our gun rights we’ve ever seen.

As Second Amendment supporters well remember, last February politicians were lining up, promising to make gun control THE issue in the 2018 session after a madman in Parkland, FL killed 17 people.

One of the leading extremist anti-gun politicians was Representative Linda Slocum (DFL) from Richfield who launched an all-out attack on your gun rights!

(Rep Linda Slocum banging Bloomberg’s drum for Gun-Control)

Slocum promised a “comprehensive gun control reform” package that included a laundry list of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control agenda items.

When she finally revealed it, her bill (HF3022) proved to be the most radical gun control bill in the history of Minnesota!

And if it would have passed into law, it would’ve:

>>> ushered in Bloomberg’s Universal Background Checks (AKA Universal Gun Registration).

>>> BANNED nearly every single semi-automatic firearm!

>>>  instituted police inspections of all firearms and mandatory storage requirements.

>>> banned all suppressors – again!

>>> banned all magazines over 10 rounds.

>>> tracked and traced every ammo purchase.

>>> instituted a 2 day waiting period to buy a firearm.

And that was just the start!

This bill would have utterly destroyed the Second Amendment as we know it.

So Minnesota Gun Rights leapt into action, mobilizing grassroots gun rights activists across the state to join the fray and help us fight HARD against it!

We launched a massive state-wide petition drive, sending direct mail to tens of THOUSANDS of Minnesotans all across the state asking them to sign their petition in opposition to this gun control MEGA Bill.

Next, MGR staff and volunteers put boots on the ground running an aggressive door-to-door lit drop campaign exposing anti-gun legislators who were supporting major gun control!

From Duluth and Bemidji, down to Mankato, Rochester and all throughout the Metro, gun owners signed petitions and began making phone calls and sending emails to their Representatives to stop this attack dead in its tracks.

We also launched an all-encompassing targeted, online media program to get gun owners across the state mobilized through Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Live and HUGE email deployments (like you’re reading right now).

We knew we were going to need all hands on deck if we had any chance at stopping Bloomberg’s onslaught, especially as the national climate for gun control was white-hot!

Less than a week into the 2018 session, it was clear Representative Slocum was rallying gun-control activists across the state hoping to stack the deck in her favor.

And with so-called “pro-gun” House and Senate leadership already signaling that they were NOT willing to fight for gun owners, anti-gun politicians and their pet gun-control groups were giddy with excitement.

Gun control advocates were going to stop at nothing to ram their agenda down our throats in the 2018 session!

The fight was heating up!

And that set the stage for what was about to happen next.

(Part two coming soon)

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Minnesota Gun Rights


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