ACTION: Stop Gun Control by Doing THIS

I know I emailed this morning about the gun control hearings taking place tomorrow and Friday, but I needed to reach out one more time tonight and make sure you send in this SPECIAL pre-written email telling your Representatives and Senators in St Paul to VOTE NO on the whole slate of gun-control bills!


We need to remind them that passing gun control will cost them majorities and the only way we do that is with a mountain of phone calls, emails, petitions, and pressure.

When you’ve sent your email, please share the link with EVERYONE you know who lives in Minnesota and supports our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms and ask them to send an email as well.

MGR will have live updates from the capitol tomorrow, so stay tuned!

— Ben


I’ll be quick.

Tomorrow at 8:30 am in room 1200 the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee, under radical Communist Senator Ron Latz, will be holding hearings on 3 major pieces of gun control legislation:

>>> S.F. 1116, Universal Background Checks (aka Gun Registration!)

>>> S.F. 1117, Red Flag Gun Confiscations

>>> S.F. 2827, a bill to increase penalties for owning an automatic firearm.

Then on Friday, the Judiciary Committee will be taking up Senator Latz’ Gun Control Omnibus bill which contains many different pieces of gun control legislation in one bill.

The details on that committee hearing have not been released yet.

I need you to take action RIGHT NOW and help us crank up the heat on our targeted Senators telling them to oppose these bills on the Senate floor!


We know the Senate DFL have vulnerable members who are scared of taking these big votes on gun control.

Senator Hauschild, Seeberger, Kupec, Hoffman and others would be very foolish to vote for these bills and they know it!

We need to continue to remind them of WHY they should fear gun owners at election time.

Make an emergency donation today and we’ll keep the ads running HOT into their districts!


Stay tuned for the committee results tomorrow!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights