Help Us Fight ‘Red Flag Laws’ in Federal Court!

The last 5 months have been an incredible series of ups and downs for gun owners here in Minnesota.

Minnesota Gun Rights and our members and supporters ran the largest ground game against gun control in the history of Minnesota and we had some BIG victories and some losses as well.

MGR spent nearly $100,000 of YOUR money running radio ads, online ads, direct mail, text message campaigns, petition drives and more to target the weakest members of the Senate, pressuring them to vote no on gun control.

We did in-district rallies, testified in committee, lobbied at the capitol, and saw politicians scream in anger and fear at the pressure they were trying to endure from gun owners.

In the end, MGR members STOPPED Senator John Marty’s ‘Gun Control Nuclear Bill,” S.F. 1723, in its tracks, much to the rage of Tim Walz, who very much wanted the bill to pass.

Our capitol sources told us that instead, Tim Walz bought off the weakest members of the Senate with an eye-watering 1 BILLION dollars each and promised high-up positions in his administration, finally gaining the votes to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscations and Universal Background Checks.

Already, Walz has signed those policies into law, and they’ll go into effect on August 1st, 2023.

Unfortunately, Universal Background Checks (AKA Statewide Gun Registration) has been upheld in many liberal courts throughout the years and would be very difficult to take legal
action against.

But not Red Flag Laws!

In liberal states like New York, Supreme Court Justice Thomas E. Moran found their Red Flag law to be unconstitutional and we believe we can achieve the same result here in Minnesota!

That’s why Minnesota Gun Rights is gearing up to drag Tim Walz — and his new Red Flag Gun Confiscation law — kicking and screaming into Federal Court — AND WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO IT!

You see, Tim Walz knows that his Red Flag law is unconstitutional and might not hold up under legal scrutiny.

But as we all know, Tim Walz is a demented tyrant and we’re going to have to teach him a lesson in court.

Truthfully, the details of this new law are simply breathtaking. Beginning August 1st of this year, Minnesota’s new Red Flag law:

  • >>>  Allows a liberal judge to order the seizure of your firearms based on an allegation that you ‘might be dangerous. This action will take place before you’ve been charged or convicted of ANYTHING!
  • >>>  Allows these hearings to take place in SECRET! Known as an “ex-parte” hearing, the first time you would know that your guns are being confiscated is when a SWAT team comes to your home to seize your firearms!
  • >>>  Requires your guns to be taken for a MINIMUM of 6 months and creates an almost automated renewal process, meaning that in most cases a gun owner who is disarmed through these laws will NEVER get their firearms back!
  • >>>  Destroys due process of law and the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” Under our normal system of law, a person would have to be charged, tried and convicted of certain crimes before losing Constitutional rights, but NOT under Minnesota’s new Red Flag Gun Confiscation law!

This new Red Flag law clearly violates the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments under our Bill of Rights! 

Every single feature of this new law is unconstitutional and obviously, there is no legislative fix to this in the near future.

The fight to invalidate this law needs to take place in court.

And that’s why Minnesota Gun Rights is announcing that we will be taking legal action against Tim Walz and the State of Minnesota in the coming days!

The details of this legal action and whether we’ll be filing a standalone federal lawsuit, joining with another organization in a joint lawsuit, or using Amicus briefs are still being worked out.

The law firm that we’ve retained to handle this is a nationally known firm from Washington, D.C. that has taken on (and defeated) the DOJ and state level tyrants like Tim Walz in Federal Court for years. This is what they do!

But I’ll be honest, we need your help to unleash these guys against our psychotic Governor and this new law, and we need it right away!

I’ve already approved an initial budget of $50,000. Our legal team tells me that that will cover the initial rounds of research and the cost of filing a preliminary injunction.

If the judge grants an injunction, then this entire law will be on hold until the court can rule on the underlying lawsuit, and whether or not the entire law is unconstitutional.

After we’ve filed the motion for a preliminary injunction, our legal team will need to get to work on crafting the actual lawsuit.

The cost of preparing a federal lawsuit (including the cost of filing the suit with the court) will vary based on a couple of factors. But at a minimum, we’ll need to plan on needing another $75,000 for this stage.

If the judge that we draw in this case doesn’t side with us, and in Minnesota they likely will NOT, we’ll need to appeal to the full 8th Circuit Court of Appeals which we have a much better chance of winning in!

Each new step, from the initial ruling to an appeal to the full 8th Circuit, will incur more legal fees.

For the moment, we are working to lock in the $100,000 we need to handle the research, preliminary injunction filing fee, and the drafting and filing of the actual lawsuit.

I know it’s a lot of money.

But we don’t have a choice. We MUST fight back against this in court, or we’ll watch Minnesota burn to the ground.

So please help fund our legal action against Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws in Minnesota!

Violent crime is already out of control.

And as we’ve seen in other states, as the criminal class finds out they can “Red Flag” people they don’t like and continue being let off the hook my Soros-funded prosecutors, violent crime will EXPLODE!

Corruption and backroom deals aren’t new here in St Paul. But Minnesotans are under attack by our own state government now, in ways that we’ve never experienced before.

Some have thrown up their hands, moving to another state where they can enjoy more freedoms. But many simply can’t do that. We live here. We’ve raised our children here. This is our home. So it’s up to us to fight back and save this state!

This time, that means fighting back in court.

Minnesota Gun Rights will be leading this charge, and I desperately hope that you’ll stand alongside us with a generous donation of $500, $250, or $100!

I know that’s asking a lot, But the dam has broken in St Paul, they’re passing gun control and MGR just spent nearly $100,000 already going to war in the legislature.

If that is not possible at this time, I hope that you’ll at least consider a donation of $50, $25, or even $10. whatever you can afford TODAY!

The amount of your donation is entirely up to you.

But I need to give our legal team a hard answer very quickly on how much we’ve raised for this fight. So please rush me your donation immediately!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights